Can you trust negative reviews?

Why you can’t really trust negative reviews Hello to all my friends and readers. I’m very interested in reviews, including negative reviews. In preparing for the imminent release of my newest book Perfect Prey, the sequel to The Trafficking Consortium, I’ve kept my eyes and ears open to anything that might apply to you, my… Continue reading Can you trust negative reviews?

Gifts for readers like you

Gifts for readers like you If you liked my books, your friends and relatives may like them too. All of them are available on my website,,, or from your favorite eBook store. Most are available to read for free with Amazon Unlimited. Several are also available in paperback; perfect for under the tree.… Continue reading Gifts for readers like you

Normal? What is normal?

Do you consider yourself ‘Normal’? Of course I do. I feel that I am the most normal guy one could meet. Sometimes, my girlfriend has a different opinion. From reading, editing to discussing my books and novellas, she thinks I’m something different. I suppose and hope that is why she likes me. Just to remind… Continue reading Normal? What is normal?