Jennifer Aniston tits and nipples

Followers of the spectacularMy Followers and Fans

Good day, all of my followers and fans. You know how much I love and appreciate you.

I discovered something interesting a little while ago. I was updating my two websites, and maggicalexpressions when I uncovered a fact. On my main website, I have approximately 13,500 followers, and on my art gallery site, I have over 15,000 followers. WTF? I didn’t know this.

FollowersWhen I reviewed the numbers and sources, I realized that there was some overlap. Apparently, some of you out there followed me multiple times. That’s okay too. It’s your choice, and I accept that. I also discovered that some of my followers were either bots or collectors. By collectors, I mean that they followed me in the hopes that I would follow back, giving them boasting rights over their follower counts. I don’t play that game, but for those that do, have fun.

Jennifer Aniston tits and nipplesJennifer Aniston

What I am thankful for is that you thought enough of my work that you decided to follow me, that is, really follow me. I did some more research and discovered that my recent blog on ‘Nipples and Tits’ generated a significant increase in traffic to my site. I can’t say I’m surprised as I thought it might. It surprised me that with a pic of Jennifer Aniston, people stopped by my site and spent a minute or two learning more about me.

The traffic to my site jumped. Granted a lot of people were just looking for news or images related to Jennifer. There was a day that I did too. Should I be surprised that after all this time, she is still that popular? In a way I am. Part of me wants to exploit that interest, but when I reflect, I’m not that kind of guy. Yes, she’s public celebrity, but geez, she deserves her privacy as well. I’m going to try hard not to exploit her or anyone like her, at least not without their explicit permission.

I discovered all this by merely uploading new artwork I’ve been dabbling in as I reset my mind to start writing the third book in the Consortium series. Yes, my followers and fans, there will be at least one, maybe more in Avril’s stories.


I’ve just finished uploading some of my latest artwork to my online gallery. maggicalExpressions

Mermaid Below
Mermaid Below, 11×13 graphite on 90# drawing paper

They’re all drawings of various types. A couple of them I am quite proud of. A couple more didn’t come out all that well but hey, so what? I sat down and drew them as a way to reinvigorate my creative juices and write.

They are all nudes, reinforcing my opinion I wrote about in my last blog. I am a tits and nipples man. I don’t know what it is about me, I am drawn to them. So I create compositions featuring their lovely assets.

Most of them are done in graphite on 110# Canson. I drew a couple more in charcoal. These are either unfinished or in need of a fixative to protect them. I’ll upload them when they’re ready. I hope you like them.

Let me know. Write and send me your constructive comments.


Tits and Nipples

Tits and nipples

Tits and Nipples

For as long as I can remember, tits and nipples fascinate me. I even have memories of admiring well-endowed chests on women of all ages before I hit puberty. I didn’t quite understand it then. As I grew older and retrospected my earlier life, I realized I didn’t know what others knew about me. Through and through, I am a boob man.Boobman

I always considered myself as a leg man, enjoying a well-trimmed ankle sitting on top of a tall pair of stilettos. I still do.

Looking back I realized that I really am a boob man, enjoying tits and nipples whenever I can. Which is why, I suppose, I started reading Playboy and a host of other magazines to satisfy my fix for tits and nipples. Let me tell you, the real thing is far, far better. I’m sure you will agree.

Helping avoid eye contactI am cautious and shy about my admiration of a well-endowed chest. For all of my life, I took great care not to be overt about my passion, but never so much as when I was a very young adult. First, a little background. I went to school at an all-boys school. So I didn’t learn early on how to talk to girls, especially those I was interested in. When I entered the job market, I started meeting girls. I didn’t know what to do.


Tits and nipplesI can remember this one time when I was a stock boy, and there was this girl who worked as a clerk, greeting customers and assisting the sales personnel. Oh yes, I was interested. I was so shy and self-conscious that I couldn’t bring myself to engage in a conversation that would lead to a first date. What I do remember is that I was fascinated with her filled out chest. One slow night, we were in the stock room, and I worked up the courage to talk to her as an interested guy.

I was so stupid in those days. As I stumbled over my words, a growing need to know kept rising to the front of my mind. “Was she, or wasn’t she, wearing a bra that night?” You see, she was wearing a tank-top and I could see the outlines of her protruding nipples through the fabric of her top.

Never before had I seen someone wearing a bra while her nipples poked through her top. Yet, she had the perkiest tits and nipples I had ever seen. I was fascinated. I just didn’t know, and I had to know. Eventually, I worked up the courage and blurted out my question. She laughed and smiled and affirmed that she was wearing one. I, on the other hand, got all red-faced with embarrassment and nodded before returning to my duties.


Jennifer Aniston

I was mortified that I had breached some sort of social protocol. Yep, mama taught me right. Respect my elders and the fairer sex. I still do today, but I can’t help but admire a set of tits and nipples that turn my head.

I’ve gotten good at scanning them without making it apparent. I do not want to offend the woman in my appreciation of their ladies. I assumed, rightly or not, that my reverence for their boobs would likely annoy them. I’ve come to a conclusion, that in this vast world, everyone views these furtive looks may actually be welcome.

The trouble is, how to tell when they would welcome the attention and when they don’t. I still don’t know the answer to that question. Does anyone? If you do, would you care to share?

Guys, please remember to respect the ladies. And ladies, please let us know you appreciate our admiration.