Winter has arrived


Winter has arrived After a very hot summer and a mild autumn, winter has finally arrived at my house. Friday and early Saturday, temperatures were in the low seventies. In fact, we broke an all time temperature record on Friday. Now, it’s in the low thirties, snow is covering the ground and wind is whipping… Continue reading Winter has arrived

Follow-up from Yesterday’s post

Woman in words 2 by JuanOsborne

Follow-up from Yesterday’s post Hello all, Yesterday I wrote to you to let you know that I’m still here, and doing more than just posting my ‘Words of the Day’. Those posts are courtesy of Merriam-Webster, but instead of just reposting posts, I add my thoughts and my takes on the word. I try to… Continue reading Follow-up from Yesterday’s post

Hello Fans

Hello Fans I know lately, all you have heard from me are my ‘Word of the Day’ posts. I didn’t mean for this to go on so long, my not sharing with you what is going on. These last many months have been very strange for me. As you may recall, or not and that’s… Continue reading Hello Fans


Gratitude What is gratitude? The way I see it, it is being thankful for someone or something that enriched a person’s life. The way I feel when I see people buying my books. Thank you. You are all awesome. A special thank you to those that recently purchased ‘The Taste of Honey‘ and ‘Broken Steele‘.… Continue reading Gratitude

Thank you

Thank you A new fantastic review of ‘The Taste of Honey’ appeared on Amazon the other day. Thank you Reenie K for your comments. I do appreciate them. BTW, I hope your prophecy comes true. Wouldn’t that be something. Gotta keep writing, that’s all there is to it. I also want to thank all of… Continue reading Thank you