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Book 3 in the Consortium Series

Who will satisfy their thirst?


UnderCurrents and a Fresh New Look

Are you being hunted?
Who will satisfy their thirst?
Can anyone quench their thirst?
Will you be the one?

Handcuffed to Sir’s dark desires, Avril’s only chance for survival depends on pleasing her callous master. As the man’s twisted pleasures expand, can Avril endure long enough to outwit the sadistic punisher or will his tight tether be the last thing she sees?

If you enjoy disturbing scenes, powerful villains, and determined heroes, you’ll love this tie-you-in-knots thriller. Tap the book cover to read the book today!

About the book

As Sir’s twisted pleasures expand in UnderCurrents, can Avril endure long enough to satisfy his sadistic thirst? Will she die as he overwhelms her pain tolerance? Avril’s only chance for survival depends on pleasing her callous master. Can she endure long enough to quench his thirst or succumb to an agonizing death?

She knows enough of her situation that escape is impossible. Even if she can get away, Sir would use the resources of the Consortium for hunting her down and return her to his clutches. Her only hope is taking down the Consortium, granting her a chance to return to a normal life, even if it’s not her old life.

Her strategy to keep her alive seems to work. Unfortunately, she’s no closer to taking down the organization that stole and sent her into a life of bondage. Forced to serve and submit, spending time in his dungeons extracting her screams was a necessary consequence to her plan.

Putting her plan into action requires decisions and behaviors she’s uncomfortable with, knowing they may forever damn her soul. She murdered others, knowing full well she will never forgive herself. Her only hope for redemption is her hope that God will forgive her, saving innocent souls from suffering her fate.

Suitable for all readers 18+

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What will you do after the Consortium takes you and sells you at auction?

What happens after they sell you and transport you across the world like cargo?

Can you imagine your new life as owned property, with no hope of ever returning to your old life?

To suffer and die at the whim of your owner.

After you read this novel, you will never ever stop looking over your shoulder.

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I invite you to share your feedback on this book.

  • What did you like or not like about the book?
  • Does Avril have a reasonable chance to escape?
  • What could she have done differently?
  • Do you think her ends justify the means?
  • Will God forgive her for the greater good?
  • If you could say something to Avril, what would you say?

Good or bad, I look forward to reading your comments and constructive critiques.

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Appropriate for readers 18+

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