Her Client Trilogy

Her Client Trilogy

What happens when you ignore a client?
What happens when they lose a ton of money as a result?
They want compensation.
They want their money back.
They want payback.

Jolene must compensate the client.
Her story is gritty and brutal.
Her experience is cruel and sadistic.
It is terrifying and never, ever ending.

What happened to her could happen to anyone.
It could happen to you.

Introducing Jolene, a young attractive account executive who manages accounts for perhaps way too many clients. Most of her clients are ones who many consider to be high maintenance clients. On one particular day, she is so overloaded with dealing with their issues, she is unable to personally return calls from many of her clients.

One client in particular seemed quite insistent and in the end, the work day expired without being able to return his call. What happens next is this clients response to not getting an immediate return of his call.

Follow Jolene as she is trapped and punished for simply being who she is. She suffers unimaginable acts of violence before finding a way out of her situation.

This trilogy is a dark, gritty, realistic depiction of the darker side of human depravity. It contains criminal scenes of sexual assault, violence, bondage, brutality, sadism and strong language.

It is not suitable to readers under the age of 18 or who are offended by realistic dark topics. It is part erotica and part suspense thriller.


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By Richard Verry

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public." - Paulo Coelho;

Writer & Artist who loves Erotica, the nude female form, most kinds of Sci-Fi, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller dramas and coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Let's not forget the occasional drink as well.

Life is so much fun with a creative dirty mind ... let's play!