Her Essentia

Her Essentia book cover

Make sure she stays dead. What happened to Jolene could happen to anyone. It could even happen to you.

If you enjoy disturbing scenes, cruel villains, and terrified heroines, you’ll shudder and cry for her in this captivating thriller.

You’ll never guess what happens until you read Jolene’s story.

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After being sold into the hands of a veritable monster, Jolene, an attractive, overworked and underpaid account executive, suffered gruesome indignities and left for dead.

Meet Jules, her best friend and dead these many years. Jules guides Jolene back to the world of the living to exact her revenge upon her tormentors.

Jolene emerges from her torment, forever changed by her experience. Vowing to rid the world of the monsters it harbors, she starts with the two who forced her to become a monster herself.

Reading ‘Her Essentia,’ Jolene’s incredible tale, you’ll cheer for Jolene, while also crying for her, saddened that the woman she once was… is forever and truly dead.

Appropriate for all readers 18+.

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