Christmas 2018 gallery

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 gallery

Yesterday, I wrote about setting up for the holiday, which kept me from writing all that much. Here is the result of a job well done in preparing for Christmas 2018, at least as reported by family and guests who stop by for drinks and conversation.

I can’t offer you a drink but I can say this. Click on the picture and enjoy the show!

Christmas 2018

In the holiday spirit and knowing that you enjoy my stores, would you please share the love by sharing my Website  or Amazon author page  with your family and friends. Enjoy many hours of spirited conversation as you discover common interests.

Thank you for your love. I hope you had a great year.  Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and may the coming year bring you continued love and joy.

Writing during a Holiday Season

A Quick Update

Good day to you all, I’ve missed you. Writing during a holiday season is a challenge for sure. However, I can tell you that all of you, my readers, fans, friends and family alike, I think of you frequently day after day.

We came out of a four-day holiday in November, and I managed to put it to good use, writing several chapters in my latest book, the sequel to ‘Perfect Prey,’ book 2 in the Consortium series. I’m excited about how this book is shaping up.

The Trafficking ConsortiumWhen I started writing this book, I knew how to start it and how I wanted it to end. The trouble was, I didn’t know how I was going to get you there. Alas, during that holiday period, I figured it out. I can’t be more excited by how I have laid out the story. Trust me, friends, it’s right up there with my best work and a perfect fit in the stories that began with ‘The Trafficking Consortium.’

I am having so much fun writing this new book.

New demands on my time

Alas, new demands on my time are against me. Writing during a holiday season feels like just another task to be done. Just when I thought I would have a breather for a couple of weeks, I didn’t. Almost as soon as it was over, I had to set up for the next holiday. For me and my household, that’s Christmas.

That means carrying boxes up from the basement, unpacking and arranging decorations throughout my humble home. Then moving the empty boxes back down, and bring up some more over and over again pushed me to a cliff.

In the midst of that, I had a scare with my lower back. I hurt it but not so much as I did 15 years ago. From my experience, I knew what I had to do, and I did. I fought off the bulk of the injury and helped it heal. Today, I’m still sore and find it hard to sit for long periods.

On the welcoming side, it’s forcing me to use my stand-up workstation at work more. Honestly, I was getting lazy sitting at my desk instead. The standing, the flexing, stretching, and walking is helping it heal faster. However, by the end of the day, I am most certainly looking forward to going to bed. I just can’t stay there. Up and at them is the cure for my back.

Let the party get started

Still, the house is decorated. Our out-of-town guests arrived last week, and it’s been fun ever since. Some days we share quality time together, such as last night when we all went out to dinner. Other days, we see each other for a few minutes, and then they are off to visit their family in other areas around town. It’s a right balance between partying and recovering. This pace will continue right through to the end of the year, oh help me, please.

What does this all have to do with writing? Much. Lately, the best I could manage was to start a chapter and periodically pick up after a bit. Mostly, I write notes so that I don’t forget how I want to take Avril’s story in the Consortium. She’s in for rough times ahead, and her emotions can no longer stay bottled up.

The big question ahead of me. Will Avril break under pressure or persevere and overcome the challenges that await her. Stay tuned and see for yourself. I’m determined to get his latest segment in her story out by spring of 2019.

Wish me luck. Afterall, finding it difficult writing during a holiday season can be considered just an excuse.

Yours indeed in storied imagination. Have a very happy holiday season.
Richard Verry

Botox plus Daith Piercing

Botox for Migraine

Botox plus Daith Piercing

Wow, it’s been a month since I last wrote to you. Where has the time flown? A lot has happened, so let’s get right to it.

In my last entry, I wrote about my Daith Piercing. I got it to help deal with my chronic headache. While I tried to stay realistic, hope for the best and pray that it would help with my headaches, unfortunately, they persist. On the face of it, the jewelry in my ear is not helping. However, I do like it so it will stay.Daith Piercing

It’s not my first piercing, and likely, it won’t be my last. I’m thinking of a stud in my ear lobe and maybe even conch piercings. As I write this, I’m chuckling, as I realize the modifications I am thinking about all revolve around my ears. Interesting.

But back to the singular goal I am working on. That is getting rid of the 24×7 headache I’ve suffered with for the past two and a half years. It’s chronic and never ending. Some days, well let’s just say, I put up an excellent front to stay in touch with life. Inside, I ache.

What next?

I’ve spoken with headache sufferers over the years, and as bad as theirs are, none seem to share my experience. Yes, they can go on for days at a time, but eventually, they get relief, even if it is short-lived. Me — no such luck. I’m coming to the conclusion that I will always live with this condition, a direct result of hitting my head and suffering a concussion in July 2016.

However, while I may have to deal with this for the rest of my life, I am determined to live up to my personal motto. The motto is:

“Anything is possible, nothing is impossible, it’s all in the attitude.”

Check out my ‘About Me’ section on my website where I go into depth on this.

To me, to live up to my motto, I will deal with it just as I always have in other aspects of my life. “Never give up, never surrender.”

Botox treatment

Getting back to my Daith Piercing, I decided that I needed to give the headache a one-two punch. My neurologist has been suggesting a series of Botox injections to deal with my problem. I’ve been resisting, but I’ve been told that my options for treatment are limited. I know that Botox is a poison which can be useful if used carefully and in medically supervised situations. Seeing how the piercing was not having an immediate effect, I went for it.

Ten days after the Daith Piercing, I had the Botox treatment. It involves 32 injections all over my forehead, scalp, neck, and shoulders. Thirty-two injections seem worse than it was. From my experience, most were no more than a minor sting. A couple I could really feel and were borderline painful. Still, I was determined.

The idea was, if I could break the constant cycle, give myself even a hours relief, I could do it again and then again, stretching each duration to something a bit longer than an hour. Over time, I could extend these periods of relief to days or weeks.

Thank you to for helping me decide to proceed.

Findings so far

You ask, “It’s been two weeks. Did I accomplish my goal?”

I’m sorry to report, no, at least not yet. For the first couple of days, the headache seemed to bounce around my head, looking for a place to land, only to be stymied by the Botox. As such, it complained by elevating the intensity of the headache. The jury is still out on this one, but before the piercing, I averaged a 1-2 level on the pain scale and now, its a 4-5 with spikes in the 6-7 range.

How is this possible? It beats the shit out of me, but I’m determined to kick this in the ass. In the meantime, I have to remain patient. I have support, and I’m told that I am a patient person by those that love me. Yet, I never thought that of myself. Am I really a patient person? It seems hard to imagine. Whatever.


I have another treatment scheduled in two months, with two more every three months after that. There are no quick fixes, as I learned along the way. Stay patient and keep plugging is all I can do.

In the meantime, what I need to do is get back to writing. My book sales are getting erratic, and I don’t like that. In the past month, I’ve only written drafts of two chapters in my next book.

The desire is there, yet the distractions often overwhelm me. Yep, there are numerous distractions. My website host is struggling with slow performance, and issues with their database engines, which in turn translates to slow responsiveness to those navigating to my website. I’m crossing my fingers in the hope that even this post goes out okay. It may not, and I will have to deal with that too. The holidays are upon us, and there are other distractions within my world that I won’t even go into and mention.

Suffice to say, I’ve got to get going and dealing with all of this. Like I said in the beginning.

“Anything is possible, nothing is impossible, it’s all in the attitude.”

Have a great day and a better tomorrow.

Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing

My Daith Piercing

Yesterday, I had a Daith Piercing done. I have other piercings, but after my initial ones, I didn’t know what I would get next. Fourteen years later, I got another one. Not for aesthetic reasons mind you, but for health reason. Huh? You might ask. Well, this is my story.

miserable, in painHeadaches remain a problem. That’s right, while I haven’t written about my post-concussion syndrome issues lately, they persist. My loved ones wish they could help, but no one is more frustrated about them than I am.

For those who don’t know, in July of 2016, I suffered a severe concussion when my head came into sharp contact with a large, heavy pipe. Over the next year, my healing progressed according to all of my doctor’s expectations. In the year and a half that followed, well, that’s another story. I’m plagued with sensitivity to strong, overhead artificial lighting and pulsating light and sound. While reduced to functional levels, it rears its ugly head every so often.

What’s worse is the constant, twenty-four seven headaches. They never give up, never surrender. It’s awful at times, waylaying me for days on end at times. Finally, last May, they seemed to settle down. Whether it’s related to normal healing, doctor treatments, cognitive and physical therapy or all of the above, I don’t know. What I do know, is that I am very tired of them.

Of course, over the past several weeks my headaches escalated, jumping to between a five or six on the Pain Richter scale. In this past week, they have settled down again, sitting in the one to two range. It’s annoying and frustrating, and painful. Oh yeah, they’re painful. I am getting quite tired of it all. I’m determined to do something about them.


A few months ago, while getting a checkup at the doctor’s, I talked to a nurse who had a piercing in the conch portion of her ear. As we chatted, she mentioned that she got it to control her migraines. It worked so well for her that she has barely suffered one since getting them installed. Later I learned that what she called a Conch piercing was actually a Daith piercing.

Intrigued, I started looking into them. I spoke to everyone I knew or came into contact with who had them, and they mostly spoke highly of them for headache control. Enamored, I mentioned it to my neurologist. She confirmed that while there is no scientific data on piercings and headache control, many of her patients reported positive results. Of course, she was quick to point out that there were no guarantees.

Still, she suggested that if I was interested, go ahead and try it. Especially as the next stage in my treatment plan was Botox injections in my head. I’ll do anything to not do that, including living with headache pain for the rest of my life (maybe).

Decision made

So, yesterday, I went to a high-end piercing joint that specializes in piercing. That’s all they do. They are not a tattoo shop that does piercing.

Daith Piercing
My Daith piercing

Now, I’m sporting a new piercing in my left ear. It’s called a DAITH piercing, which is a small hoop placed in one of the inner ridges of my ear. See the picture of it. It’s hoop through the cartilage inside my ear, with two beads holding an emerald green gem. I like it, and less than twenty-four hours later, it’s barely noticeable. Sure others can see it, and many coworkers have already commented on it. For me, I can sense its presence, and except for an occasional itch, I barely know it’s there.

Notice I said barely there. I know it’s there. It’s only been 24 hours, and while I can ignore it, my brain thinks something is going on with my ear. In some ways, it feels like I have water in my ear after swimming. Other times, I get an itch, and I absently try to scratch it. Of course, the moment my finger touches it, I realize that nope, don’t do it. Other times I sense an ear infection, which isn’t true. I’ll be in an adjustment period for the time being.

I’m hoping that once I get over that, my headache will vaporize. If I can break the cycle, even for just an hour, its progress. Find relief once, I can find it again, and then again. Eventually, I’m hoping that I will return to a normal existence, and when I get a headache, it’ll be like the one everyone else gets.

For more information on the Daith Piercing, check out this Wikipedia page. In the meantime, after a month off from writing, I’m getting back into it. Now, if I can remember where I left off. 🙄

Much success to you and yours.

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer, hello fall

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Goodbye Summer, hello fallOMG, today’s is the last day of summer, goodbye summer and hello fall. Autumn starts tonight. It’s the official time of year when the leaves change colors before dropping and the harvest comes in, while witches and spooks make their appearance.

I don’t know if I’m sad to see summer go, (yes) or know that Halloween is just about a month away. Goodbye summer, hello Halloween


I wish I could get excited about the up and coming holiday. Can it really be called that?

In my old home, I spent hundreds of hours throughout the year preparing for it. Everything had to be ready by the end of September. Come hell or high water, I started putting up the display on October 1. Each week, I’d add to it. I finished up by the end of the third week. The fourth week, I’d enjoy it. I remember cars driving down the street, stopping to gander at it.

Then I would sit back, tweak a thing here and there. I’d adjust a spot light and make sure the sound and lighting system was working as I wanted. I always found something to fiddle with and adjust.

Lily and friendsThen, on the big day, I’d put on my costume and makeup and wander among the display, sometimes pretending to be part of the scene as hundreds of people young and old alike would approach the house to ‘trick or treat.’

I’ve never been one for the cutesy displays. No, I had to have a scary theme. There’s Priscilla, the bride left standing at the altar. She held her severed head in her hand lamenting that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

Flying around the display was Lily, a ghost who seemed to flitter this way and that, while flashes of lightning and booms of thunder illuminating her translucent body.

Let’s not forget about Victor and his three brides, vampires whose severed heads rested on pikes. Horatio is a man cut in half at the waist and hanging by the neck from a rope begging for a quick end.


Catch of the dayThe themes over the years included a mermaid fishing derby, where the catch of the day was a mermaid hanging by her tail and wiggling about trying to free herself. I had fun and frustration fabricating her myself. She turned out great!

There was the year of that included rotisserie roasting a full-size human body over hot coals. Smoke drifted up as dripping fat ignited burning themselves out. I had a lot of fun with that one.

Another was the Alfred Hitchcock year where I did homage to the movies ‘The Birds’ and ‘Psycho’ complete with music and Janet Leigh in the shower. Blood splatter was everywhere while the shower rained down.

Let’s not forget the end of summer party where ghouls and skeletons. One was apparently a female sunbather. She stayed out in the sun for way too long, drinking and partying. You could only tell it was a she, since her skeleton was wearing a red string bikini.

Then I spent the winter to come up with new ideas for next year and started planning and constructing the displays in early spring. There was many a year where I shredding foam and fabricating accessories sitting out on my deck. In the basement, I’d be building, carving, painting, and decorating corpses for display on the butcher’s table, or hanging like some piece of meat.

Those were fun years. In some ways, I miss it. In other ways, I don’t.

Moving Forward

Goodbye Summer, it was great while you were hereI now live in a neighborhood that doesn’t do shit for the holidays, why bother? No one appreciates the hard work. My family and close friends are surprised that I pulled back so far from my passion. They miss the Halloween party we hosted each year. They miss marveling at hundreds of hands reaching up from the ground, and other aspects new for that year.

The other thing, I’m getting on in the years. I’m looking forward to retirement, leaving the workforce behind. Of course, I will probably find some other job to fill the hours and stay active. After all, I can’t sit on my ass all day writing and painting. I need to exercise this body of mine and keep my mind alert.


Now, it may seem that I’m feeling low. That’s not the case. I suspect I’m grieving a loss. Goodbye summer, I will miss you. I miss the loss of the excitement of my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a time of year when society relaxes its death grip hold on civic behaviors and lets people step outside themselves and do things they love. It’s kind of like those ‘The Purge’ movies. Let’s hope that we don’t actually get to that point.

On the other hand, the newest Halloween movie is coming out, and I can’t wait to see it.