Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter one and all. It’s Easter Morning around the world. Be it a religious or secular holiday for you, I hope it is good for you.

Happy EasterDid the Easter bunny bring you a beautiful basket, painted egg, or a chocolate version of himself? On this morning and as a child, I’d find a charming basket filled with jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, chocolate eggs and, of course, a chocolate Easter bunny.

As an adult, I pass on most of the candy associated with a basket. What I like are hard-boiled eggs, sliced and laid out on a toasted English muffin with mayonnaise.

Sexy Lady Painting an Easter egg Happy Easter

That’s my preferred Easter morning breakfast. It goes back to when I was a child, everyone sitting around the breakfast table, cracking painted eggs, and feasting on too many eggs. Of course, that was after the Easter egg hunt, a military mission to route out and capture all the missing eggs on the run from the table.

Easter bunnies

I still enjoy eating a chocolate Easter bunny. However, my tastes have changed since I was a child. I don’t care for the standard chocolate used in commercial products sold at this time of year.Easter Bunny sculpting himself in chocolate Happy Easter Instead, I prefer bunnies made from a local family owned chocolatiers. In my neck of the world, it’s Stever’s Candy. One of two locally owned companies in my area. This family really knows candy. Their chocolate melts in the mouth, coating my tongue with a glorious sensation reminiscent of the finest chocolates from Switzerland.

However, there are other kinds of Easter bunnies. Kate Moss as the Easter Bunny, Happy EasterI included samples of a couple in this article. Which kind is your favorite? As you might guess, I prefer the female variety, similar to Kate Moss shown on the Jan/Feb edition of Playboy Magazine, or Mitch O’Connell’s rendering. Mitch O'Connell Easter bunnies, Happy EasterOthers may prefer the male version I included here. I have to say; I see the attraction.

As an artist, I’m drawn to the vintage photo of the pretty lady painting an Easter egg. Which do you prefer?

Happy Easter, Religious or Secular

By now I’m sure you noticed that I did not write about the religious aspects of this holiday. Please understand, I don’t celebrate religious holidays of any faith. Though my parents raised me in a religious household as a child, as an adult, I came to discover the multitude of sins and contradictions committed by the secular leaders of all faiths. What I learned and observed, turned my stomach. Therefore, I choose a life outside of organized religious communities, preferring instead to talk to him/her privately, as I observe the wonders of creation all around me. I am a man of science, believing firmly in the universe’s evolution.

However, I won’t challenge or try to convert the religious beliefs others may enjoy. If it works for you, keeps you sane and safe in the world, that’s great, I won’t argue with you.

As an artist and a writer, I could go on and on. I’ll spare you. Instead, all I want to do is this one thing.

Happy Easter. May it be a good one for you.

Stever's Candy
If you’re in Rochester, check out Stever’s Candy. https://www.steverscandy.com/