Perfect Prey first draft

Perfect Prey first draftThe ‘Perfect Prey’ first draft is done! Whoo Hoo! I’ve also completed reading it for continuity and fundamental grammar mistakes, etc. Now I’m on to preliminary editing before I turn it over to my editor for in-depth review and corrections.

It’s been a long and weary battle, trying to get this book from concept to reality. I released the first book in the series last summer. I hadn’t intended to write a sequel, but honestly, my readers overwhelmed me with the feedback I received from my readers and followers, asking for more.

Really? I kept asking myself. You honestly want to know what happens to Avril, a prisoner, taken and abused by the whims of a sadistic tyrant? A monster who bought her and considers her his owned property? A man who may have fallen in love with the girl? A girl who suspects the truth and will do anything to stay alive, feed his passions to escape and maybe save thousands of others in the process?

With the Perfect Prey first draft completed, I’m well on the way to deliver it to you, my readers. I wonder how you will receive this next segment in Avril’s perilous dance with her owner and master. Before you ask whether there will be a third book in the series. Her story is too intriguing to let it drop. But to get to a third one, read Perfect Prey. It’ll be out this summer.


Okay, it’s an intriguing concept. After months thinking about it, I came up with an idea. However, a single sequel wouldn’t do it justice. It would have to be at least a trilogy. Three full-length novels and possibly more to develop the storyline I have in mind.

Perfect Prey picks up about six months after The Trafficking Consortium. If you have read that book, you know that the main character, Avril, had to make an impossible choice between life and death. Her faith in God decided for her. Choosing death, and in effect, she would commit suicide, a mortal sin, forever condemning her immortal soul to suffer for eternity in hell.

By choosing life, she would condemn her physical body to a full lifetime of agonizing torment at the hands of her owner, while safeguarding her soul.

She negotiates a contract with her owner, walking a razor edge line with God, hoping for forgiveness, to bring down the organization that captured her and thousands every year, suffering the torments she was an unwilling party too. Win or lose, will God forgive her for her attempt?

Looking over my shoulder

I have to admit after I wrote The Trafficking Consortium I started looking over my shoulder. Did I write and publish a novel that was too close to the truth? I don’t know. That novel came into being with a simple question waiting in a doctor’s office one day. I’ve written about it in previous blogs, so I won’t belabor the point. The question was.

Hunting Grounds“What could happen if the person behind the counter you’re freely giving all your personal information to is sharing it with some unknown unauthorized person or agency.”

“What could possibly happen?”

That query developed into a world of intrigue filled with astonishing anguish, torment, and brutality that even I, the author, cringe at envisioning. How could I think up this shit? I have no idea. It merely comes to me and I write it down.

After publishing Trafficking Consortium, I began looking over my shoulder, wondering if someone was now watching me, wondering if I knew too much for my own good. I hope not. My stories are pure fiction. Hey out there, it’s all fiction. Do you hear me? Fiction. It’s all made up. Don’t blame me if I’m too close to the truth.

Where are they?

I wonder. In developed, first world countries, hundreds of thousands of adults reported to go missing and never found each year? So where do these people who go missing each year go? Many go missing voluntarily, not wanting to be found. The rest disappear from the face of the earth and never seen again, or at least their bodies never recovered.

Stay tuned to see whether my stories have merit. I intend to keep writing. The writing bug is strong within me, and it won’t stay silent. So, if I step on anyone’s toes, know this. It’s all FICTION, made up out of my feeble mind, on the fly, derived from stupid questions that begin with “What if?”

Thanks and keep tuned. With Perfect Prey first draft done, and its publication imminent, I can’t wait to get started on my next story. I have so many ideas for future novels, that I wonder whether I’ll ever get to them all. I hope so. Then again, with my luck, as I complete them, I’ll garner ideas for another ten books, so it may just be a losing battle.

This is your favorite author, Richard Verry, saying, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

Keep on reading.