Other Famous Quotes and Dirty Minds

Quotes that speak to me

Recently I wrote about a reference from Roald Dahl that I found. Fundamentally, it accurately reflects how I feel about my stories. However, finding it, caused me to go out and find other pertinent quotes from authors that I find reflect who I am and how I perceive the world.

One that I particularly like is:

Author, Patrick Dennis“I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.” ~Patrick Dennis

I’m not sure how much a piece of paper means that much anymore. I always write on my computer or tablet. Rarely do I put anything down on paper anymore. However, the concept remains the same. When I open up my favorite word processor, it presents me a blank white screen, and I start typing.

Dirty Mind

It’s the second part of the quote that really caught my eye. I have a dirty mind, and I make no bones about it. It is whom I am. Anyone who has read any of my books, will know exactly what I am referring to. Of the myriad of images that flow through my head each day, ones that I can’t seem to capture fast enough and put to canvas or paper, almost all are lusty scenes of human nature.

As most people who know me well, I perceive the naked human body, the one mother nature gave us and society seems to want us to cover up, as the most beautiful gifts ever. In fact, as best as I know, only humans can notice the beauty of our bodies. While a few other animals partake in sex for fun, only homo sapiens can recognize beauty in our sacs of flesh and bone.


Gaia, Mother NatureThank you, Mother. Mother Nature or Gaia for those of you who read my previous sentence wrong. I am a strong believer in the spirit of the universe. Some would call it God, and others would call it ‘The Force,’ as described in the world of ‘Star Wars.’ No matter what you name it, I believe it pervades our entire universe, existing in everything from the stardust floating in space to living human beings, and who knows what else. This spirit is everywhere, and I see it best described and most abundantly in the beauty of the naked female form. You’re beautiful, and I thank Gaia for the gift you give us, every day.

It is my hope that every day, I honor your gift in my words and deeds.

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