Go Topless Sunday

Go Topless Sunday

Yesterday, I read somewhere that today is ‘Go Topless Day‘. So, I wrote a quick note to spread awareness. In honor of the ‘Topfree Seven‘ here in New York and all the topless communities around the world, I ask that you support and appreciate all those that support this fine endeavor.

For those of you who have not heard of the ‘Topfree Seven’, let me fill you in. Some years ago, in protest of laws requiring women to cover their chests, seven women protested around the state by going topless. Over time, new legislation was passed in New York that decriminalized toplessness in none profit making establishments. Within a week, I saw my first topless woman, riding her bike along one of the streets I just happened to be driving on. I didn’t stare. I didn’t gawk. I simply appreciated the view and kept right on driving. That was my first and only sighting. Why? I wish I knew. Our predilection to cover up God’s gift to mankind is astonishing. In this age where violence against another is move acceptable that the sight of a bare chest is unbelievable. I will never understand why.

Go topless today. You have my undying appreciation.

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