Facing Challenges

I read a quote on FB earlier today and it struck home as it relates to my blog post the other day on Chaos. The quote reads.

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.” Author unknown.

I found the quote interesting. I’ve instinctively believed in this concept, I found the reminder to be welcomed. It’s one thing to keep trudging through life, working out challenges and over coming obstacles. We all do it.

It’s quite another to realize that individually and as a species, our growth only comes about when we ‘work the problem’ and find solutions to meet the need.

Of course, most solutions reveal other challenges but so what? More challenges = more opportunities for growth. I welcome any and all opportunity for growth.

Broken SteeleOvercoming challenges and growing is a central theme to my ‘Mona Bendarova Adventures’ novels. The characters in those books had to overcome a challenge so devastating to the human race, that they found a most ingenious if not difficult to accept solution. However, as a species, they embraced the solution and a thousand years later, the human race is still around. I’m not sure I would like to live in that environment but if I did, I would be well versed in the reasons why and would accept them.

However, that wouldn’t stop me from working towards over coming the new challenges that arose as a result. Mona and company are doing exactly that. She is determined to find a new solution to the new challenge. Overcoming it won’t be easy. In fact, it will be extremely hard, being there are social, moral and scientific obstacles in her way. Little by little, book after book, Mona is enlisting the help of those around her and perhaps, one day, they will find a solution and grow yet again.

This brings me back to our current lives. Mona’s are fictional. Ours are real. Today, we have plenty of obstacles which challenge us daily. Social disorder and chaos is happening right now, all around our planet. It is up to us, the current tenants of our world to come to terms with these challenges. Once we do, we will grow exponentially.

Can you imagine what we could do with that? Can you imagine where we could be in a thousand years. I can. How about you?

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