Who is Charles Bendarova?

Charles Bendarova is a man who has many facets.

Charles is the master of his own household. In a feudal like community of large sprawling estates, he maintains one of the largest when compared to others within the community. His stable consists of hundreds of sows and bitches. He feels responsible for each of them. He recognizes having that responsibility comes with making the hard decision(s) that will benefit his own interest(s) as well as his household. If that means condemning an individual for the good of his estate, so be it!

He is comfortable in his position and expects one day that he will become Chairman of the community ruling body, Club Lothario. Currently, he maintains a position on the executive committee where his opinions are held in high regard in resolving disputes and promoting the strategic direction of the community.

Charles is a tall, dark-haired male in his late forties with broad shoulders who is the epitome of the species. He is a sadist at his core but he is also a nurturing father figure to his stable stock. He prefers mentoring and guiding rather than directing. Others, however usually take his opinion and suggestions as directives due to his standing within the community. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you may know someone like him. 

Like all males within the community, he maintains an entourage of attendants who take care of his every need, sexual and otherwise. He also ensures his guests have their own attendants from his stable when they come to visit. He likes to wager on contests, whether he is actively involved or not. He loves his single malt scotch, a stuffed breast appetizer paired with a great steak filet.

He has his own responsibilities that have been delegated to him by the community. To ensure the continuation of the species, he needs to make twice monthly rounds at the breeding centers. He meets his meat quotas and regularly sponsors the monthly community celebrations.

He likes to play golf and sip his favorite cocktail while a sexy attendant sits on his lap. He especially likes going unnoticed as he watches his stock lounge by the pool during their off hours. He watches privately so as to not intrude upon their free time.

If you are curious and want to learn more about Charles, I invite you to read the book, ‘The Taste of Honey’. I look forward to reading your constructive comments.

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  1. Janet Maggio

    I can see why Mona looks to Charles for guidance and why he looks to her for her input. They have a special relationship that is mutually shared. I enjoyed reading when they had alone time together. I like that he saw something within her and coached her so she could become top at her craft!

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