Avril Gillios just got picked up!

The problem is, it wasn’t the police who picked her up. She was kidnapped, snatched off the streets of NYC, as she was walking home from work. Only a block away from her apartment building, tired after a long, hard day, someone pushes her from behind into the open door of a taxi stopped by the sidewalk.

Flailing, she is caught in the waiting arms of a man who puts a foul-smelling cloth over her mouth and nose. Moments later, she is unconscious as the taxi joins the vast sea of other cabs navigating the seemingly friendly chasms of the city. Did anyone notice her abduction? Did anyone call the police? A couple of hours later and still unconscious, she is on a plane and well beyond the borders of her native country.

Yes, that’s right. I refer of course to my latest book, The Trafficking Consortium.

It’s a brutal erotic suspense thriller about Avril Gillios, a young woman in her mid-twenties, who get’s caught up in an international organized crime ring specializing in human trafficking. The thousand-year old organization call themselves ‘The Consortium.’ Their affluent and influential members can order or acquire anyone, men and women alike, to satisfy their unique needs and desires. From organ acquisition; to perverse sexual satisfaction; or feasting upon their prey, they seemingly operate above the law all across the globe.

Told from Avril’s point of view, the story describes how this criminal organization targets her, kidnaps her right off the streets of NYC and sells her to the highest bidder; marking the beginning of a new life, forever barred from returning to the only life she ever knew.

The Trafficking Consortium

Copyright (c) Richard Verry 2016

She must navigate the perilous events that threaten her life to survive her ordeal and attempt escape. Sold to a sadistic monster, her captivity is relatively comfortable. Locked in a luxurious suite with all the trimmings included in the most elegant high-end apartments enjoyed by the upper one-percenters, a cage is still a cage.

She endures brutal beatings and violent ravishments as her new owner trains her to be compliant to his demands and needs. Along the way, she discovers that her sadistic owner, in his own way, loves her.

Confused and bewildered, she must figure out how to navigate the ever narrowing serpentine path to escape the growing threat to her life. Her captor eventually gives her an impossible choice, one that takes away all doubt of what he intends to do with her. However, he requires that she select the path that her life will take. Failing to choose is the same as choosing a horrific, slow, and painful death.

Will she choose life or death? I encourage you to find out for yourself.

Give it a go and let me know what you thought about the book. Then ask yourself. Could this happen to you or one of your loved ones; a son or a daughter, a niece or a nephew?

I hate to think so but, yes it could. My advice? Be vigilant with whom you share your personal information with. You might not like what the do with it.

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Latest update, it’s been a whirlwind

Latest update, it’s been a whirlwind

Hello, everyone. I hope today finds you well and at peace with the world.

The last forty-eight has been rough. Two nights ago, I went to bed thinking all was well in the world. Well, in many respects, it was. Just not with my website. Maybe that’s why I didn’t sleep well that night. Maybe those problem tendrils were reaching out from the void and tickled my brain to say, “Hey Bro,” I’m having a problem. Which I ignored. After all, I already had a decent headache going.

When I woke up and after making coffee, I logged onto my site. Only, it was barely responsive. The admin page was for all intents and purposes, unresponsive. The public page rendered only once out of maybe six times. Shit! What the hell was going on?

Eventually, I called my hosting provider for support, only to be told, yes, it was slow but that I had too many plugins installed. Well, I hadn’t added any recently, but I did have about ten that were inactive. They recommended that I delete the inactive ones.

Now, I had them installed because on occasion I would activate them for a short time, perform their magic, and then deactivate them. I didn’t want to have to search for them every time I needed their reason for existence.

Long story short and hours later, I called support again, only to be told, “Oh, yes. We are having a problem on the cluster your site resides on. The estimate is about twenty-four hours before it gets resolved.”

Oh, great! Couldn’t they tell me that when I called the first time? Of course, it took at least another hour on the phone the second time before they acknowledged that they were having a problem. What is it with these people? So, now that I knew that it wasn’t me, I put the site aside and went on to other things.

the-trafficking-consortium-book-coverWhich is the good news. After being forced to ignore the website, I went about to create the cover for my new novel. It’s pretty much done. After much research, I decided that the title will, in fact, be my tentative title after all. It’s called…drum roll, please.

‘The Traffic Consortium’

I’m quite happy with the overall look of the cover though I may tweak it a bit before I finalize it. Let me know what you think?

Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived

Winter Snow Fun
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After a very hot summer and a mild autumn, winter has finally arrived at my house. Friday and early Saturday, temperatures were in the low seventies. In fact, we broke an all time temperature record on Friday. Now, it’s in the low thirties, snow is covering the ground and wind is whipping it in a fury.

In preparation, last Friday I did all of the household grocery shopping and finished decorating the outside of the house for the holidays. Afterall, I’m done with hanging lights in subfreezing temperatures.

With chores done, I’m back at writing, trying to finish up my latest novel. The storyline magically appeared in my mind October 25. After months of a non-existent creative stream running through my consciousness, it returned with a bang, an entire story begging, no demanding release.

I am consumed with getting it out of my head, into a form you can enjoy it. In the spirit of ‘Her Client’ and ‘The Breakup’,  this story follows the ordeals of my heroine as she deals with trials that she inconceivably is forced to deal with.

Trafficking of Women
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The book, tentatively titled ‘Trafficking Consortium,’ follows a woman who finds herself caught up in the world of human trafficking. A scourge on our society and a hated subject of my girlfriend, a centuries old élite organization discovers, pursues and kidnaps my protagonist, eventually selling her into a life of slavery and submission. Her new sadistic owner believes there is something special about her, and his consuming desire to have her, overwhelms her before starting to  slide into a role of acceptance and submission, only to be shattered by a new demand he places upon her, her body and most importantly, her soul. A demand in which she, must choose between life and death. And don’t be fooled, it’s not an easy decision for her.

I can’t wait to finish this erotic and suspenseful story. If I stay on track, it should be released sometime in the next month. Of course, editing and book cover design may impact that schedule, with the world on the cusp of the holidays.

Thanks for following me. Now, back to the story.

This is Richard Verry, signing off for the time being so I can document my heroine’s fate.