What was YOUR favorite part of ‘The Taste of Honey’?

What was YOUR favorite part of the book? There are many favorite parts. They include among many, Mona’s dungeon play with Master Charles, the execution scene of Honey’s perpetrator, Mona’s investigation into Honey’s disappearance, Mona’s budding relationship with Renée and Honey’s final scene as she is preparing for her live roasting. As I look back… Continue reading What was YOUR favorite part of ‘The Taste of Honey’?

How I came to write ‘The Taste of Honey’ (part 2)

With a title, I had a really rough idea of how I wanted the story to go. At the time, I wasn’t thinking I would publish it but I want to write a fresh and new story. As I researched the story idea, I found little that someone else hadn’t already written about my idea. Great!… Continue reading How I came to write ‘The Taste of Honey’ (part 2)

Mona and Honey give thanks

Yesterday, BFF’s Mona and Honey spent the day together, sharing memories and creating new ones. Since Honey is carrying, Mona took it upon herself to go visit her friend. A lot has happened since they first met six months ago. They talk about everything, from the smallest little details of their daily life to the big ones… Continue reading Mona and Honey give thanks

What would Mona do?

Mona just found out about a catastrophe in a neighboring community. Turns out it’s the same community that her bed-mate Renee has been getting those terrific custom-made heels that both she and Mona love. The question on their minds are whether her shoe maker who creates these wonderful shoes that everyone raves about survived the… Continue reading What would Mona do?

Curious about Mona Bendarova?


Who is Mona Bendarova? Let me tell you about her. Mona is a senior household member and investigator under the Mastery of Charles Bendarova. She is smart and insightful. She has an innate ability to see patterns within the chaos that others cannot see. Theories and their ramifications come easily to her. Her driving force… Continue reading Curious about Mona Bendarova?