What constitutes being lesbian?


The other day, I was deep in conversation with a friend of mine regarding sexual orientation.

My friend, who will remain nameless, is of the contention that if two women sometimes sleep together, are lesbian. This despite the fact that they prefer relationships with men.

love starts right hereMy opinion is that if two women occasionally have sex together, that does not make them lesbian. Since they prefer men in general, they are really heterosexual or bisexual at best.

My reasoning is that if they really do prefer sex and relationships with men, they cannot by definition be lesbian. What’s wrong with being open to the pleasures of sex, regardless of from where one finds it. I grant you, they may be bisexual but that this does not make them lesbian or gay for that matter.

Personally, I hate tags, such as gay, lesbian, straight or whatever. We humans are who we are and we like what we like. In my opinion in this situation, being a lesbian means that you’re a woman who prefers relationships with other women and not men.

My friend thinks that any girl-on-girl scene makes them lesbian, at least to the general public. I say, lesbian is a way of life and a sexual orientation, not just a scene here or there. Perhaps they have seen to many porn movies. I don’t know.

Help me out here. Am I wrong? Is my friend wrong? Are we both wrong?

I feel that there is no clean-cut answer but I’m willing to accept public opinion. Share your thoughts with me and help me out. No, wait. Help us both out, my friend and I. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Why “Broken Steele” Will Dominate the LGBT Book Category on Amazon.com

Broken Steele book cover 3D

Pretty confident title… right? So is the first chapter of “Broken Steele”.

Amazon.com readers and Kindle eBook buyers are simply going to love the uninhibited approach that “Broken Steele” offers in the exploration of a lifestyle that is well known in the LGBT arena. Instead of  gently easing into a lesbian sex scene, the first chapter is an explosion of intimacy, domination and sets the tone of the entire book.

As Leah Hart said “Ok, so we’re going there – right now! Alrighty then!”

I think she might have been surprised.

It’s not often that books have a sex scene smack dab in the front of the book, let alone the first few paragraphs. The LGBT audience will love it and rave because it celebrates sex and puts it right “out there” instead of shying into it. It’s not like other books on the market.

What can you do to get the word out to help “Broken Steele” dominate the Amazon.com LGBT market? Spread the word. Thanks for sharing!

The Start of a Great LGBT Series

Broken Steele book cover 3D

“The Taste of Honey” and “Broken Steele” are breakthroughs in the LGBT book audience because of their ability to portray an honest depiction of real human love and sexuality. These two books are the start of a fantastic series, with many more books to come. I have really enjoyed delving into the characters of both books and often find myself getting lost in their world as a writer and reader.

These books are not going to be for everyone. What I write is very specific to an audience of readers that enjoy provocative scenes and sensual writing. I have enjoyed catering to an audience that has often been misunderstood, mistreated in today’s society and have, until this point, gone without literature that identifies and celebrates their love and desires for physical touch.

While my books are intended for mature audiences, I know that many teenagers who are LGBT will find my books and want to read them. I’m sure you may remember instances in your own life where you might have read romance novels under the covers with a flashlight at an age that might have been considered “too young” for the contents. I truly believe that my books open up an opportunity for teenagers and parents to have honest, open discussions about the kinds of lifestyles my characters have – along with the safety precautions that need to be in place with this lifestyle… because it does exist in today’s world. LGBT relationships can be committed ones as well as polyamorous, and these are great discussions to have with others, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs and preferences.

I also believe that my books satisfy a lot of curiosities out there about dominance/submissive sexual relationships, and no one should feel ashamed or embarrassed about wanting to read my books. I’m happy to entertain constructive criticism and discussion. I encourage anyone and everyone who is curious about what has been a somewhat hidden world to read any of my books – you’ll enjoy them very much!