What constitutes being lesbian?


The other day, I was deep in conversation with a friend of mine regarding sexual orientation.

My friend, who will remain nameless, is of the contention that if two women sometimes sleep together, are lesbian. This despite the fact that they prefer relationships with men.

love starts right hereMy opinion is that if two women occasionally have sex together, that does not make them lesbian. Since they prefer men in general, they are really heterosexual or bisexual at best.

My reasoning is that if they really do prefer sex and relationships with men, they cannot by definition be lesbian. What’s wrong with being open to the pleasures of sex, regardless of from where one finds it. I grant you, they may be bisexual but that this does not make them lesbian or gay for that matter.

Personally, I hate tags, such as gay, lesbian, straight or whatever. We humans are who we are and we like what we like. In my opinion in this situation, being a lesbian means that you’re a woman who prefers relationships with other women and not men.

My friend thinks that any girl-on-girl scene makes them lesbian, at least to the general public. I say, lesbian is a way of life and a sexual orientation, not just a scene here or there. Perhaps they have seen to many porn movies. I don’t know.

Help me out here. Am I wrong? Is my friend wrong? Are we both wrong?

I feel that there is no clean-cut answer but I’m willing to accept public opinion. Share your thoughts with me and help me out. No, wait. Help us both out, my friend and I. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I really appreciate it.