Her Overseer Book 2 cover 3D

Book 2 in the ‘Her Client Trilogy’

Don’t piss off your owner

Follow Jolene, an attractive account executive as she suffers unimaginable and inconceivable acts of violence and brutality. You will scream when she does in this gripping and heinous tale. Lose yourself in Jolene’s torment and share her sickening agony. When you read her story, you’ll cry for her in this captivating horrific story.

When you read her story, you’ll wonder, “Could it happen to you?”


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In continuing Jolene’s story, you’ll discover that her bad day just got a whole lot worse. After having a tough day at the office, she arrives home only to be brutalized, assaulted and sold into the dirty world of human trafficking.

However, her buyer just doesn’t want to possess her; he wants her to scream in as many ways as it is humanly possible. He loves hearing his purchases scream, and Jolene is now his next unimaginable instrument of his pleasure.Lose yourself in her horrifying agony as she suffers indignity after indignity. When you read her story, you’ll scream along with her in this captivating tale of torment and anguish.

Lose yourself in Jolene’s torment and feel her gripping, horrifying agony. Cover your mouth if you don’t want the neighbors to hear you shriek. When you read her story, you’ll scream when she does in this gripping story.

When you finish this story, you’ll wonder if this really could happen to you, to all of us.

Appropriate for readers 18+

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