Who is Avril Gillios?

Avril Gillios is the daughter of a pair of stockbrokers. They were very close, and she was most certainly Daddy’s little girl. Unknown to Avril, her parents were as crooked as they come. With the law was closing in on them, instead of going to jail, they ended it all, leaving Avril alone. Eventually, she moved into their apartment, a home she could never have afforded on her own.

Avril Gillios

To support herself, she worked as a managing account executive. She made decent money, but her real value was cleaning up the messes her boss made. She’s intelligent, but she never believed she could be as good as her superiors. However, an interested party not only thought it but knew it, and he desired to have Avril all to himself.

Avril is an avid runner, possibly a world-class runner. She’s competed in the NYC and Boston Marathon, coming in the top five within her class and top ten overall. That’s why Sir insists that she wear the highest high-heels, even when she’s working out on the treadmill.

Can you imagine trying to escape wearing these shoes, running for your life? They’d catch you in no time and end up in the killing room — dead.

So instead, she’s forced to work out, walking the treadmill wearing these very high-heels, which make her calves and ass look great. Good luck Avril. We hope you don’t twist an ankle on that thing.

Sir forces her to wear them day and night, even when she sleeps. Foremost is her sincere desire to regain her freedom from the fiends who took her and sold her at auction.

“One day, I will escape. Mark my words, but don’t share them with Sir or any member of the Consortium. In fact, forget about it. Forget I even whispered the idea. If he gets the idea that I’m still thinking of escape, he will kill me in a heartbeat. If you ever tell anyone, I’ll renounce them. After all, you may be an associate of Sir’s.”

“Okay, another couple of miles to go. If you’ll excuse me, I need to get back at it.”

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