Hunters become the Hunted

Book 5 in the Consortium Series


The Noose Tightens

Book 6 in the Consortium Series

The Consortium’s activities exposed worldwide, Sir is determined to return to the shadows. Something easier said than done. A multi-national effort strives to shut them down no matter what it takes. Nothing short of bringing the leadership and the members to pay for their crimes against humanity will satisfy the global community.

Determined to shut the Consortium down permanently, Heather and her new friends travel the world, coordinating the efforts of their multi-national supporters.

Sir is frantic to prevent their downfall on his watch. Everything Sir does hits roadblock after roadblock. He turns to his favorite pastimes, a bottle of scotch and his prey in the dungeons. As time progresses and Sir turns more and more to the bottle, it becomes increasingly uncertain who will survive longer.

Who will prevail in the global struggle for dominance, the lions or the prey? Is the Consortium about to fall? Will Avril prevail and survive over the pressures between the world’s or Sir’s thirst for blood, or will she succumb to her expected death?

Suitable for all readers 18+

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What would you do after the Consortium takes you and sells you at auction? How would you survive?

Can you imagine your new life as owned property, with no hope of ever returning to your old life? To suffer and die at the whim of your owner.

Can you fight back? Can you escape, or can you get help? What if aid came unexpectedly? What if the world learns of the Consortium? How can you help them help you before they kill you? Does the world even know you’re still alive or not?

If you like disturbing details, interweaving plot lines, charming villains, and desperate heroes, you’ll love Richard Verry’s unnerving thriller ‘Exposure’ leaving your stomach churning with butterflies.

Read Exposure’ book 5 in the Consortium series and encase yourself in sadistic suspense today! Click here to read about Avril’s entire involvement with the Consortium from her capture to the end.

After you read this novel, you will never ever stop wondering if the Consortium exists at all.

Reviews from Readers like you

The Thriller Continues

When I read the first volume of the series, I was worried that it would be the start of a mundane slasher series. The excellence of the writing and the fine editing kept me going.
It now seems that the author is nearing the final portions and the plot and characters are fully developed.
This is a dark series, but worth diving into.
Kindle Customer
Jan 11, 2022

Another thrilling installment!

Finished this book all too soon…come on Richard, another one, please!!!! I love Avril’s story, may it continue for at least another 2 books… highly recommend!
David Mote in the UK
Jan 14, 2022

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  • If they do, what do you think they will do with her?
  • Will Sir go undercover?
    • If so, will Sir take Avril with her?

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