LGBT Readers Will LOVE “The Taste of Honey”

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LGBT readers are going to LOVE “The Taste of Honey” by Richard Verry. Is it because it’s sexy and delicious? Suspenseful? Tantalizing? Imaginative? Probably all of the above. Escape into this secret world of romance, passion, lust, ecstasy, and a whole lot of lesbian action.

Here are some readers’  favorite lines from the book “The Taste of Honey”:

“Your first loyalty is to your Master.”

“I wonder why she had hid it from our prying eyes.”

“Can you tell me if Honey had any unfulfilled wishes or desires she aspired too?” 

“There was no evidence of the moon in the sky, thereby allowing the stars to shine brightly, filling the night sky with thousands of friendly pin dots.”

If you’ve had a chance to read the book, select your favorite quote and post it in the comments section on the blog (not on the Facebook post) as a comment below!

My Muses about Writing

Dabbling off and on with written creative works, I’ve not really thought about publishing anything … till now. I’ve always had imagery floating around my head and found that my paintings were insufficient to express my visions three dimensionally. I think with writing, I have found a way to do just that.

I began writing the Mona Bendarova Adventures as a single book. The idea of which took several years to develop. Then two years ago, I wrote a concept, an encyclopedia of the universe I was creating and eventually, an outline of the first book.

Originally, I didn’t think that I would publish it but the feedback I’ve since received, prompted me to decide to write followup stories, of which the second book is already under development, and outlines for five more books.

I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to comment.


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