Please Shut Up! Huh?

Why Author Self Promotion Doesn't Work

I read a blog post this morning by author Delilah S. Dawson. I found it quite interesting and I think you will too. I encourage you to read it. Here’s the link to the post.

She writes about the difference in pushing a book upon the audience and pulling them to the book. She makes a lot of sense. It’s a lesson I am slowly learning. In reading her commentary, I couldn’t help but smile and agree. My social media feeds are full of book covers, promotions and statements that boil down to one message. BUY ME. Sorry, but like Delilah, I skip right over them as I scroll across my feeds. About the only time I stop and look is to study the message and see if there is something in it to pull me in. I’m usually disappointed and move on.

For me, the single most important line in Delilah’s post is:

“The recipe seems to be GREAT BOOK + HARD WORK + TIME + LUCK.”

I can control three out of four of them and I hope I am lucky enough to rise enough to be truly noticed.

I will be the first to admit, that I’m not very good budgeting my time with my writing. I spend way too much time screwing around trying to make a name for myself, promoting my stories and I am not spending enough time writing the stories that I really love. I have outlines for more than a dozen waiting to be written. Argggghhhhh.

I must do something about that. I need to get back to creative writing.

Case in point.

Until recently, I promoted my ‘Mona Bendarova Adventures’ much in the way Delilah hates. They didn’t sell. Watching their performance, I found that my efforts were wasted and might have even pushed my audience away from me. I pulled the promotions altogether.

Another series of books I wrote, ‘Her Client Trilogy’, sell well enough to make me smile. Sales are not fantastic, in fact, they are mediocre when compared to my favorite authors. Yet, to me, they make me happy. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t seen multiple sales of the books. Whoo hoo!

The funny thing is, which surprises me to no end, I do no promotion of the books. They sell on many platforms, all over the world. What I know is that they are a product of ‘Hard Work’, a ‘Good Story’, and lots of ‘Time’ writing and polishing the stories.

I am still trying to figure out the formula. I suspect that as soon as I do, the formula will have already changed.

So, I’m going back to writing, creatively and writing what I love.

Skinning a cat!


They say that there are many ways of skinning a cat. Before I go on, let me just say this. I have no idea why or where this saying came from, nor do I care. However, I believe I understand what the saying is trying to convey. The imagery of the saying popped into my head the moment the following happened.

This morning, on my FB page, I saw an inspirational post that went something like this.

Elementary Nine6 + 3  = 9

but so does 5 + 4 = 9

By extension, so does (8 + 1), (7 + 2), (9 + 0), (3 * 3), (9 * 1), (27 / 3) and so on.

They all equal 9.

Classroom pop quizSo what?

Unless you’re in school and you are doing a test, it’s not the answer that is important. It’s how you got to the answer. It’s the journey. That’s all that matters. The journey starts with the first step.

It’s the journey.

This is Richard Verry, taking his first steps in rewriting a chapter or two for my new book ‘Lucky Bitch’ based upon an inspiration I had last night while I was half asleep.

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Found a Great Plugin for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Found a great Word Press plugin. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. When you this, you will easily see what your customers are doing when they come to your site and from where they come from.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WPI’ve had a Google Analytics Code for some time now. After getting my ducks in a row, so to speak, with getting the framework of my business up, I am now starting to focus on my overall web presence.

Google Analytics is a premier tool to research how your customers are getting to your site and what they do when they get there.

While I’ve had my code a long time, I’ve not been able to figure out how to use it effectively. Enter Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. This plug-in for my site allows me to look at the analytics data collects and displays it in a usable format. It effectively converts data into information.

This information has already opened my eyes to the patterns my visitors behaviors. Such as ‘Bounce Rate’. Mine is way too high over overtime, I can see that I must be doing something right. It’s coming down, slowly but noticeably. Google even offers suggestions on how to tweak my analytics settings to account for my heavy use of blogs etc. They also help with suggestions to reorganize my site to improve the bounce rate.

The plug-in inserts a panel on my admin page that allows me to reorganize the data in a number of different ways. Reviewing this data will take me weeks in order to figure out what I need to do. In between writing new stories, writing a chapter or two, or simply thinking up a new idea for down the road.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I look forward to reading your comments.

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