Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023

OMG, it’s here. It’s 2023. Is it here already? Where did the time go, anyway? Happy New Year 2023 Everyone.

May the coming year bring out the best in each and everyone of you, and especially to all my readers. You have made the past year a happy one for me. I am looking forward to bigger and better things for the future.

P.S. and yes, I’ll have the next book in the Consortium Series out, ready to fill your minds with thrilling awe, as I weave Avril’s tale into deeper levels of debauchery and acts of bloodshed and cruelty. Will the Consortium survive? Will Sir get what’s coming to him? Even I don’t know yet. The story goes where it wants to go as I put fingers to the keys.

Happy New Year all.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2023

  1. Eve Tull

    Hi Richard, have a wonderful, safe, healthy and happy new year. Thank you for your wonderful story about Avril. You make it easy for me to imagine how she has changed and to picture it. I love stories like this and I’m so glad you’ve continued her story. No where else can I find books that actually include descriptions of sex, torture, violence and interesting men. I’m 73 and live in an ALF. I spend most of my time reading and looking for more authors like you. Could you please put me onto a few who are good with this kind of stuff. There’s not a whole lot to do around here so I escape into books. You’re an amazing storyteller. I’d love to be able to get into your brain and see all the stuff there that you can’t tell…kindle won’t let you. I’d love to discuss some things, pick your brain, I’ll bet there’s a lot there.
    Well, thank you again. I can’t wait for your new part of Avril’s life to come out. Take care.

    1. Richard Verry

      Have yourself a Happy New Year, 2023. May it be as safe, healthy and filled with joy for you. Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you like my stories. It seems you are in good company. I also like to lose myself into good books with engaging stories.

      I’ll have to think about other authors who write in a similar vein. I don’t know that many, and often when I try one of theirs, I am disappointed. I’ll try to remember whom I did like and refer them to you. Did you know that one reviewer compared me to Stephen King? What a wonderful comment. I’m still warmed by it to this day.

      Which is why I starting writing in this way. I hated seeing a villain committing a crime but the author choose not to describe the crime to his audience, and instead, jumped to the next scene. Sure, we can imagine what happened, but we never know just what. Even when the victim is discovered, the details of the crime are never revealed. I hated that. So, when I started writing, I decided to be very descriptive in my portrayal of the events as they unfolded, be it crimes, sexual behaviors or whatever.

      Have you read my ‘Her Client’ trilogy? It’s a story in in a similar vein, but the conclusion in book three will have you cheering for the victim. After several years of selling my story, Amazon banned book two. I don’t get it, but they did. You can get 1 and 3 from Amazon, but to get book 2, you will have to go to my website where I’ve published a link to where you can get it.

      Have a joyful 2023 filled with everything that makes you happy.

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