Exposure nears completion

Exposure Nears Completion

What do I mean, Exposure nears completion? I’ve decided on the title ‘Exposure’ for the next book in the Consortium Series. If you read the epilogue to book four, you know I teased you with the story’s premise in the next chapter of Avril’s story.

I like how the book is turning out, and I only have to write a couple of chapters left before I can turn it over for editing. If all goes well, I hope to publish the book by the end of September. Wish me luck.

The Crash

Exposure nears completion

This next segment in Avril’s story deals with the crash of a cargo plane. Over one hundred of the Consortium victims were on their way to the training and auction center for sale to their membership. The two pilots died in the crash, and the Consortium lost all of its cargo.

The cargo, ah, the cargo. They, too died, by either drowning in the water where the plane went down, burning to death, or horribly suffocated breathing in melting plastic that made its way into their lungs. It was not a nice way to die.


The Consortium would have had a hard enough time controlling the situation, deflecting attention away from them, except for one thing. There was a survivor. One victim, stowed on board as cargo, ended up thrown far enough from the plane to evade the worst of the effects of the crash. 

In ‘Exposure,’ you’ll meet the survivor, Olivia. Despite surviving the crash, she must now deal with her injuries. Transported to a nearby trauma center, she remained in a coma for a time, protected by the Senator, his daughter Heather, and an FBI Special Agent. Working with the Special Investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board, the team investigates the inner workings of the Consortium, getting closer and closer to the conspiracy stealing the lives of thousands of people each year.

The exposure of the Consortium to the world forces Sir to react. As everyone from the general public to those high up in global governments takes notice, the media attention grows worldwide, and compromised agents of the Consortium take cover and disappear.

Finding it impossible to contain the crash details, Sir must find other means of distracting things. He must divert the media away from the discovered cargo. He hatches a plan that accomplishes his goal, at least for the time being.

As Sir deals with the growing threat to the Consortium, he leaves Avril in the dark. He stays away from his estate for weeks on end. Increasingly frustrated, she pressures Sir to include her in his troubles. After all, she is his companion and a member of the Consortium. Sir falls back into his old habits of treating Avril as simple property, a role he knows all too well. 

Feeling the strain of the threat to the Consortium, pressure from all sides, he’s losing control of his life. It’s not something he’s accustomed to, and it frustrates him to no end. Something has got to give, and for once in his life, the path ahead is unclear.


Exposure of the Consortium might lead to the end of a way of life existing for nearly a thousand years. Could it all end under Sir’s watch?

Despite Exposure nearing completion, it’s not quite done yet. Will Sir figure out a way to go back underground, or will the Consortium succumb to its exposure? I’m pretty anxious to see how it turns out.

One thought on “Exposure nears completion

  1. Gail Sopp Reply

    I love the introduction to “Exposure”. The title is perfect. It leaves so many avenues that can be taken by characters.

    I don’t think Sir will give up his way of life. It is threaded into his core. He may let others take the fall for this mishap. But, always protecting the Consortium.

    I’m waiting to read more. This story can continue on it’s path for many more books. There is much to explore. Even a flash back before Sir was born. How he was trained. And how things were handled by his family.

    I love it.


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