Amazon’s Kindle Quality Notice Update


Amazon’s Kindle Quality Notice
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I’ve published a second edition of ‘The Trafficking Consortium,’ fully revised and edited, along with a bonus of new material for my reader’s enjoyment. Thank you to everyone for your patience while I set aside my other responsibilities to take care of dealing with Amazon’s Kindle Quality Notice. Not only did Amazon approve my #kindle version of the book, but they did the same for the paperback version. Read #TheTraffickingConsortium today, knowing you are getting some of my best work.

To catch you up

If you read my last couple of posts, you know I received notice from Amazon of defects in my book, ‘The Trafficking Consortium.’ The news shocked me initially, but then as I reviewed the reported flaws in the story, I realized, whoever wrote them, was spot-on correct. They were apparent, and between my editor and I, we should have found them four years ago before I published the book.

Not only was I worried Amazon would take my book off the market, I felt awful about publishing such a defective work. I’m not a perfectionist, but I try to turn in my best work at everything I do. The inferior quality of one of my best sellers appalled me.

What kind of defects did my reader document that triggered Amazon? You name it; it was probably there. They found obvious misspellings, elementary grammar school errors, redundant sentences, and more. Thank you, reader, whoever you are.

What to do?

I went about fixing the defects, discovering several more flaws straddling either side of the documented defects. Not only did I find more, but I found lots more. What I uncovered horrified me, which led me to a decision. I had the entire book edited all over again, from the title page to the last.

Putting everything else on hold, along with a new editor, we worked the book to be as perfect as possible, and in record time. It took about fifteen days, three pass-throughs, and a final reading to reach a point where I was happy with the effort.

A couple of days ago, I submitted the update to Amazon, marking it as a second edition. After a couple of days, Amazon cleared the defects, removed the impending holds, and submitted the revised edition for purchase. Yeah!!!!

Every challenge brings opportunity

What did I learn?

First off, I learned that there is no one you can trust with your life’s work, except yourself. Sure, engage as much help as possible, and trust their expertise, take their advice when appropriate, and argue over every single word until the only person who matters is happy. That person is me.

Second, compromised with my post-concussion issues shortly after my injury and worry that I had permanently lost my creative side, take the time and effort to mitigate through any recovery I might need, to prevent turning in substandard work.

Third, don’t trust others more than I trust myself. I know what I am doing, and won’t give up. I have a reason for everything I do, even if I don’t share those reasons with others. I like who I am, and intend on doing the best I can in everything I do, learning along the way.

Fourth, I should have discovered these defects on my own. I didn’t, believing I had turned in quality work. I will do better in all future projects. Count on it, I will from now on.

The revised and second edition of ‘The Trafficking Consortium’ is now available for free on Kindle Unlimited or purchase your copy or paperback. True, I updated both the ebook and printed versions. Read it today. Take a moment out of your busy days to find out what might happen under your very nose. Then, if you like the story, check out the follow-up stories in the #Consortium Series.

Happy reading.

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  1. Fantazmaster

    Glad to learn of this second edition and pleased and surprised how quickly you completed this second edition .Intrigued by this bonus of new material ! Heading to Amazon now to download this second edition .

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