Emma Peel, My Second Love

In the British show ‘The Avengers’ of the 1960s, Mrs. Emma Peel #EmmaPeel, played by Diana Rigg #DianaRigg, passed away this past week. While Morticia Addams was my very first love, Emma Peel was undoubtedly my second. Of course, I was barely over ten years old, but I appreciated the woman’s beauty even then. I eagerly looked forward to the next episode, just so that I could watch her flit about England, leading the charge to save her country and countrymen from one crisis after another.

When I heard the news of Diana’s passing, I immediately thought back to those days when I’d faithfully watch the show. I watched every episode I could. Maybe it was this series that ultimately left me enjoying British dramas, and especially crime and intrigue dramas to this day, all these decades later.

Memories of her

Emma Peel and John Steed, The AvengersI loved and enjoyed the banter between Emma and her partner, John Steed. In the first place, he’d tease her, and she teased him back twice-fold mercilessly. He’d smile with that face of his, and Emma would return his tease with a devilish smile I found adorable.

Secondly, I fondly remember Emma would drive around in a sleek, two-seater sports car, tearing up the roads.  John Steed, on the other hand, drove around the English countryside in that open-air roadster of his, wondering why he never got wet in the rain. They never seemed to compete against each other, even though at times, they did. I found it fun and exciting. How is it that a ten-year-old boy could recognize only what an adult should? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care, I just did.

Emma Peel in Leather Catsuit

What I was, was definitely in love with Emma Peel, or maybe infatuated is likely the better word. I didn’t know why then, but I think I do now. First off, she was beautiful—a woman to desire. I particularly loved the skin-tight leather catsuit she wore. I don’t remember if it was a lot or a little, but I do remember it. Wearing it, I loved her body curves and her mouth’s angle when she gave us, the audience, that sly, wicked smile. Yes, I was ten and still appreciated all the physical sex appeal she brought to the screen.

Emma Peel Influenced my Life

Although this may be true, to this day, I wonder if it was Emma Peel that got me interested in bondage and BDSM. Emma Peel bound and tortured

Some of my fondest memories were watching a villian tie Mrs. Peel up and torture on the verge of death. Emma never seemed to lose control or panic in the direst of circumstances, even when some villain or another threatened her life. While I never second-guessed her emotions, I accepted them as natural. She always took her predicaments and found a way out of the precarious situations the writers and producers put her into, with a smile, no less.

Yes, for those that don’t know and all things considered, I am and have been most of my life interested in #BDSM. Just read any of my books, and you’ll recognize that aspect of me. By the way, who was Mr. Peel, for that matter? I never knew why she was Mrs. without a Mr. in her life. Yet, I didn’t care.

Diana Rigg in GOTAnother key point, I’m not surprised that Emma Peel, or should I say, Diana Rigg had a successful career in the arts. She’s talented, and according to IMDB.com https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001671/ has seventy acting credits to her name, including her appearance as Mrs. James Bond and Game Of Thrones #GOT as Olenna Tyrell. However, I will always think of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, my second love.

Rest in Peace, Emma. I will miss your wit always.

Here’s a small gallery of photos of Mrs. Emma Peel. There are plenty more of them on the web. Enjoy.