Word of the Day: Empyreal

Word of the Day: Empyreal Definition Empyreal 1: of or relating to the heavens or firmament : celestial 2: sublime Examples Night after night, the comet shone brightly against the empyreal tapestry of the sky. “A jar made in Iraq, Syria or Iran, its shape is nothing special, but its color—an empyreal sapphire blue, a… Continue reading Word of the Day: Empyreal

I Saw Stars

21193608 - starry sky in the village and orange sunset

Good morning world. I’m looking forward to a new week that ends better than the last. Why? Let me tell you. Reflective in the title of this post, last Friday, I literally saw stars. No, they weren’t a bunch of five-star reviews of my books. One can hope. No, I didn’t see the stars of… Continue reading I Saw Stars