Time slips by

Hello, everyone. I’ve been meaning to write and have gotten bogged down in posting an entry in my blog. Damn, it’s been, what two weeks, since I updated it. Sorry folks. To catch you up, my regular full-time job that pays the bills interfered with attending to my website, writing, and of course updating my… Continue reading Time slips by

My New Novel is Progressing Nicely

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My New Novel is Progressing Nicely As the holidays fast approach, I find that it is becoming harder and harder to work with my editor and get my new book ready for publication. Demands upon our respective times are impacting on the ability to coordinate the effort. My editor suggests changes and while in most… Continue reading My New Novel is Progressing Nicely


What is your favorite Peanuts character? I don’t know why, but I’ve been pondering this question for a couple of days. I compared each one to what I think is important in my life and decided that Snoopy was the best fit. A dog you might ask. Look at it this way and take the… Continue reading Peanuts