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Writing up a storm

Writing up a storm

For the last three weeks, I’ve been writing up a storm. One thing you don’t know is that I am back from a vacation in the sun, mild warm temperatures, and dips in the pool. It sure is nice to get away from the brutal snow and frigid temperatures.

I wrote while enjoying the blue skies in my shorts and t-shirt. Writing up a storm, I got a lot done. I’m working in the third book in the Consortium Series. I only have a few more chapters to write to finish the draft. It’s time to build up to the exciting climax, and of course the hook to bring you back for the next installment.

Books Lucky Bitch Mona Mona Bendarova Adventures

Be sure to look for ‘Lucky Bitch’

woman with two floggers‘Lucky Bitch’

Be sure to look for the latest book in the Mona Bendarova Adventures.

Due out early 2016, Mona’s story continues right after the end of ‘Broken Steele’ when she takes possession of the Mastery of her own House. She struggles and has to do deal with various issues, including a prevalent distrust by her own household members as well as the community at large.

The distrust stems from the simple fact that she is a woman. She is a woman who has risen to powerful position in a world where the female gender serves in a subservient role. It can be compared to a woman here, in the United States, achieving the highest public office. It’s just not widely acceptable. Therefore, it makes sense that the women of her own house are uncertain whether they like the idea of her new role.

40959834_s-cup of coffee on the table in coffee shop vintage styleIn the early months of her ascension to Mastery of her own House, she deals with redefining her house and what it offers the community. Distrusted by her community, family, sabotage, she is the victim of terrorism when several of her household are brutally murdered for simply talking to her one pleasant afternoon.

Mona is stronger as a result but questions her decision as to whether she made a good choice.

Be sure to read this follow-up book that drives right to the heart of some of our problems that we are experiencing today. I’m looking forward to finish writing it. I want to find out, like you the reader, how she fares in a new world where she is the one everyone looks to and everyone distrusts simply for being a woman in power.