Jigsaw Puzzles-part 3

Hidden Depths - 1000 pcs

Jigsaw Puzzles-part 3 April 13, 2020 It’s been a while since I last posted a note about my obsession with solving jigsaw puzzles. I’m not so sure it’s an obsession. Obsessions are compulsions, mania, and preoccupations. I’m not thinking of any of these things. It also means desire, fascination, enthusiasm, and passion. Those, I definitely… Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzles-part 3

Jigsaw Puzzle Follow-up

Completed Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Follow-up Well, I had an unexpected day off from work due to weather, so I worked on my jigsaw puzzle. The arctic vortex is sitting over much of the northern hemisphere dropped outdoor temperatures to well below 0 Fahrenheit (-20c) or worse with the wind chill twenty to -50-60f (-45c) in many areas, keeping… Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle Follow-up

Jigsaw Puzzle

Solving the jigsaw puzzle upside down

The Setup Over the holidays, my girlfriend/partner gave me a jigsaw puzzle as a gift. I don’t know whether to be ecstatic over the thoughtfulness of the gift or cringe by the vast time it’s taking to solve the jigsaw puzzle. But first, let me backup. Last fall, we went over to a friend’s house… Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle