Word of the Day: thaumaturgy

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Word of the Day: thaumaturgy Thaumaturgy (noun) THAW-muh-ter-jee Definition : the performance of miracles; specifically : magic Examples “The place is still a favourite pilgrimage, but there seems to be some doubt as to which Saint John has chosen it as the scene of his posthumous thaumaturgy; for, according to a local guide-book, it is equally… Continue reading Word of the Day: thaumaturgy

Star Trek

Star Trek By far and away, my single most favorite television show ever is Star Trek. This summer, it seems everyone is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It seems to me that I am not alone in my infatuation with the show. I’m not going to elaborate on the history of the show, its ups and… Continue reading Star Trek

Holidays in Mona’s Realm

HOLIDAYS AS THEY RELATE TO MY CHARACTERS Are there holidays in Mona’s Realm? Holidays are completely different in Mona Bendarova’s world. Introduced in ‘The Taste of Honey’, Mona’s community comes together for monthly and quarterly celebrations. There are no holidays per se commemorating people, specific events or beliefs. Monthly celebrations are more of a community gathering where… Continue reading Holidays in Mona’s Realm