Word of the Day: colubrine

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Word of the Day: colubrine

colubrine (adjective) KAHL-yuh-bryne


1 : of, relating to, or resembling a snake

2 : of or relating to a large cosmopolitan family (Colubridae) of chiefly nonvenomous snakes


The trellis’s latticework was covered with colubrine ivy.

“Most of the colubrine snakes are entirely harmless, and are the common snakes that we meet everywhere.” — Theodore Roosevelt, Through the Brazilian Wilderness, 1914

Did You Know?

Colubrine may be less common than other animal words—such as canine, feline, and bovine—but it has been around for a good long while. Ultimately derived from the Latin colubra(“snake”), it slithered into the English language in the 16th century. (Cobra, by the way, comes from the same Latin word, but it entered English through Portuguese.) Some other words for “snakelike” are serpentine (a more common alternative) and ophidian (from the Greek word for snake: ophis).

My Take

What’s sexier than a naked girl? Answer, a naked girl holding a snake. Admit it, people, we love seeing a girl, naked or not, draping a snake over their shoulders, displaying them as necklaces, or simply wrapping the snake around their bodies and between their legs. Is it because they could be considered a phallic symbol, poking their noses in all sorts of places?

Throughout the ages, there are many painted or written scenes depicting women and snakes. Is there a correlation? I won’t speculate on that. I value my relationship with my girlfriend and my balls way too much.

Kiss the Girls by James PattersonI do know I am turned on by the thought of a girl with a snake. In searching for an appropriate image for this topic, I found hundreds of portraits, depicting snake/girls of all ages, from babies to young children, to young women, mature women, to elderly women. All presented as half human and half snake.

There are the written works as well, too numerous to do justice to them all. One that does stand out in my mind is ‘Kiss the Girls’ by James Patterson. Cut from the movie version; the book includes a scene comprising the tormenting of a girl with a snake. Check out Chapter 54. Titillating in print but horrific in reality.

Perhaps I’ll write my own scene in a book involving a girl and a snake. It can’t be in the Mona Bendarova Adventures though. Why? There are no snakes on the planet, anywhere. If you’re curious as to why, read the books. Free chapters are available on my site.

Many people despise snakes. I’m not sure why? Very few are dangerous to man. I see them as beneficial to our environment. Their primary food sources are rodents. You know, rats, mice, moles, and a host of other smaller mammals. Without snakes keeping their numbers in check, we would be overrun with rodents, invading our homes and ravaging our crops.

Please share your comments. I’m sure we would all enjoy reading them.

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