What Makes One Happy?

What Makes One Happy? I don’t know about you, but I can tell you about me. First off, I group my happiness into two categories, short-term and long-term. My latest bit of short-term happiness comes from my car. It is a 2017 Camaro 2LT/RS with a few other goodies to go with it. She wears a… Continue reading What Makes One Happy?

Word of the Day: hoick

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Work of the Day: hoick Hoick: (verb) HOIK Definition : to move or pull abruptly : yank Synonyms buck, hitch, jerk, jolt, twitch, yank, hike Examples “to move or cause to move with a sharp quick motion” <hoicked up his pants and hastily waded into the water> “Occasionally he hoicks up the waistband of his trousers… Continue reading Word of the Day: hoick

Word of the Day: Lavation

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Word of the Day: Lavation Lavation (noun) lay-VAY-shun Definition : the act or an instance of washing or cleansing Examples “… we cannot keep the skin healthy without frequent lavations of the whole body in pure water. It is impossible to calculate the benefits of this simple practice.” — Walt Whitman, “Bathing, Cleanliness, Personal Beauty,”… Continue reading Word of the Day: Lavation