My follow-up to Leah Hart’s thoughts on reading ‘The Taste of Honey’

Having read Leah’s comments on her experiences in growing up reading trashy romance novels, I was struck with how similar our backgrounds are. Even though we are from different parts of the country. I can remember the same drive to read anything and everything, even under the covers with a flashlight.

What a wonderful memory Leah. Thanks for reminding me of those days. As a young boy, I tended to read YA books that involved solving mysteries, investigating the universe or simply the human body. Yes, like Leah, I was a rebel. Searching for my identity, I can remember the day when I noticed girls and became infatuated with the female form.

I distinctly remember when in seventh grade, I realized that the girl across from me, I won’t reveal her name here, sat there in a skirt with her knees wildly parted. I remember thinking “What was it that I found so interesting?” as I concentrated on looking up her skirt. To this day, I have no idea if she was doing it on purpose or not.

From that day forward, I read more adult fare, including steamy romance novels. While I didn’t care for those at first, I read them anyway in order to find the sexy steamy scenes that permeate the genre. I read almost every Harold Robbins novels by the time I was seventeen. Others followed as well.

What really hit me though was discovering the ‘The Harrod Experiment’ by Robert H Rimmer. Now that was something right up my alley. I still have that original copy in my collection and I pull it out and read it every so often. I can recall how I yearned to become a part of that experiment. Imaging, a college course that encouraged young adults to sleep around and learn about the human body in a controlled, safe way.

Writing ‘The Taste of Honey’ stems from those days. My roots in writing, in fact in all aspects of my life, branches out from there. My tree of my life is based in the seeds planted those days. Writing my stories reflects upon actual, real life experiences or fantasies made up in my mind in a fervent desire to experience as much as I can before I leave this earth forever.

If you can put yourselves in my shoes or have been where I’ve been, I know you will enjoy ‘The Taste of Honey’ and it’s sequel ‘Broken Steele’. The third book in the series, ‘Lucky Bitch’ will be out early 2016.