What aspect of the book will women love in the Mona Bendarova Adventures?

Broken Steele book cover 6x9

Broken Steele Spine Cover 6x9What aspect of the book will women love in the Mona Bendarova Adventures?

I think that women, reflecting on what they just read, will love the idea that they have all the power within the society I’ve created. They outnumber men, sixty six men for every million women. It may seem lopsided yet with numbers like that, how could the gender not be a power house to contend with. It is they that have the control over their own destinies. They may not know it and the reader may not get that sense while reading the initial book, ‘The Taste of Honey’ yet as they continue to read the subsequent books, ‘Broken Steele’ and ‘Lucky Bitch’, it becomes obvious that the women have the power and are in control of their destinies.

small of back with jeansThere’s no sickness, racism, sexism nor prejudice, immorality or desire to take what is not there’s. There may be the occasional aberration but that just supplies the necessary conflict to make a story worth reading.

Everyone enjoys each others bodies. To them, enjoying sex is a natural and healthy activity. Both genders like to play together. They find suitable activities that give each what the other needs. They are not selfish, self-centered nor unfeeling towards others. Therefore, fighting among themselves is non-existent. Men are mostly nurturing to those under their houses and take their responsibilities seriously. All women, in all societies, crave those characteristics.

Everyone knows what is expected of them. No one shirks their duties. No one runs from their responsibilities.

The practices that some of the female readers may consider foreign or even gruesome need to consider that in the universe I created in these books, the female gender do it out of caring for their house and their community.

Everyone is healthy and life goes on.

Lucky Bitch

woman holding flogger behind neck

woman holding flogger behind neckLucky Bitch

With all of the posts of late regarding ‘The Taste of Honey’ and my new series, I would be remiss in mentioning that the third book in the Mona Bendarova Adventures, ‘Lucky Bitch’ will be coming out early next year.

Mona’s story continues right after the end of ‘Broken Steele’ when she takes possession of the Mastery of her own House. She struggles and has to do deal with various issues, including a prevalent distrust by her own household members as well as the community at large.

The distrust stems from the simple fact that she is a woman. She is a woman who has risen to a position of power in a world where the female gender serves in a subservient role. It can be compared to a woman here, in the United States, achieving the highest public office. It’s just not widely acceptable. Therefore, it makes sense that the women of her own house are uncertain whether they like the idea of her new role.

25758923_s-coffee cups and natural beans and nutsIn the early months of her ascension to Mastery of her House, she has to deal with revamping the services her house offers the community. There is distrust by her community, family, sabotage and even terrorism when several of her household are brutally murdered for simply talking to her one pleasant afternoon.

Mona becomes stronger as a result but still has to deal with uncertainties in her own mind as to whether she made the right decision.

Be sure to read this follow-up book that drives right to the heart of some of our problems that we are experiencing today. I’m looking forward to finish writing it. I want to find out, like you the reader, how she fares in a new world where she is the one everyone looks to and everyone distrusts simply for being a woman in power.

Why does Honey want to be live roasted?

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The Taste of HoneyWhy does Honey want to be live roasted?

I can only document some of her reasons. Honey explains it best in her first biography ‘The Taste of Honey’. I can tell you from what the author Richard Verry wrote that she firmly believes she will live on in the lives and bodies of those that consume her meat. But to do so requires much more than a simple conversion and consumption. For the author, who wrote her words, it has to be done in the proper way.

To Honey, this means that in order for her spirit to be transferred properly, it has to be sealed inside her meat and then consumed as quickly as possible after roasting. In order for that to happen, she has to be roasted alive.

Spinning and roasting on a rotisserie spit from Honey’s perspective happens all the time. This is a hard concept for a reader to grasp, yet the author conveys Honey’s thoughts and feelings so eloquently that the reader ends up rooting for her.

Honey’s deep rooted spiritualism takes it a step further. She not only wants to live on forever in her family, she believes she needs to. She believes it so deeply that she has spent years convincing her Master and even Mona that this is something she wants to do.

So, in order to achieve her goals, she arranges to be spitted and live roasted at a celebration celebrating her contribution to her house and community. It’s a special occasion and many of those in attendance do not understand the significance of what Honey wants to do. In fact, many just think it’s just another one of the monthly barbecue roasts where several sows are roasted and served to the gathered.

To Honey though, the affair and her roasting is everything. Determined to succeed, it is her love for Master Lee, her family and close friends that drives her to her final destiny.