Thank you

Brunette in white drinking coffee outdoors

Brunette in white drinking coffee outdoors 2I would like to thank everyone who in one way or another, contributed to supporting me over the past several weeks. For some, they have been stressed. For others, they have been supportive and offered many suggestions. All have my deepest gratitude. Please have a cup of coffee (or your favorite relaxation beverage on me.)

My thanks extend to those who have recently purchased a book. You lift me up in ways that you’ll never realize.

Thanks for to my mentors and advisers who help me work out plot lines, design elements and similar concepts. I want to particularly thank  Helena, Tammy, Pegelee, Peter and Dan. You support me in ways I hope you’ll one day fully appreciate.

I big thank you to Leah Hart (, who worked hard, put up with my zillion of questions and delivered a professional product I am very proud of. You can’t go wrong in hiring her expertise.

Finally, the biggest thank you to the love of my life, who put up with my schedule, the long nights and the hours when I disappeared from her life, even though we were in the same room together. I love you sweetie and will make it all worthwhile. Hugs.

Now, I hope that if you have read this far, you’ll take the extra moment to check out one of my books. There are free samples available for instant download right here on this site. What’s more, I have plenty more in the works. Let me know how you like them.

Book Covers Help

So, I need help. I’m hoping you can help.

As a relatively new indie book author/publisher, I struggle every time trying to find the best photos to use as the basis for a cover. As I am also an artist, I like to do my own digital design .

In the past, I’ve licensed photos from iStock and 123RF. As I get deeper into book authoring and publishing, I am astounded by the covers I’ve seen from other indie authors.

I’d love to hear from all you indie authors as to where and how you develop your covers. Are there better sites for selecting and licensing photos for covers? Googling helps but I consistently get sucked in to sites that sell these services. I’d rather license the photo and do the rest of the work myself.

Oh, I need to keep the licensing costs down. One photo I found, the owner wanted hundreds of dollars to give me a minimal license. Suffice to say, I didn’t buy it.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Thanks for sharing.