What I am Thankful For

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Throughout my country of the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. This holiday was established to celebrate a day of thanks, from our earliest days through today and into the future. It is my belief that it is a day to thank our maker, our family, our friends and everyone who touched our lives in one way or another.

Thank you one and all. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Give the Gift of Reading

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The Taste of HoneyDon’t know what to give someone for the holidays?

Give the gift of reading by giving ‘The Taste of Honey’. Available on Amazon or right here on this site. You’ll be able to share many hours together comparing your favorite scenes.

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Broken Steele


Also available is the sequel, ‘Broken Steele’ also available at Amazon or right here on this site.

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LGBT Readers Will LOVE “The Taste of Honey”

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LGBT readers are going to LOVE “The Taste of Honey” by Richard Verry. Is it because it’s sexy and delicious? Suspenseful? Tantalizing? Imaginative? Probably all of the above. Escape into this secret world of romance, passion, lust, ecstasy, and a whole lot of lesbian action.

Here are some readers’  favorite lines from the book “The Taste of Honey”:

“Your first loyalty is to your Master.”

“I wonder why she had hid it from our prying eyes.”

“Can you tell me if Honey had any unfulfilled wishes or desires she aspired too?” 

“There was no evidence of the moon in the sky, thereby allowing the stars to shine brightly, filling the night sky with thousands of friendly pin dots.”

If you’ve had a chance to read the book, select your favorite quote and post it in the comments section on the blog (not on the Facebook post) as a comment below!

A Guest Post by Leah Hart at CreativWriter.com About “The Taste of Honey”

I’m about as sheltered as they come – VERY strict upbringing and reading romance novels in my childhood home was practically forbidden.

Then I became a rebel.

I was the kid checking out trashy romance novels on the Bookmobile when it drove through my neighborhood. I’d carry a satchel for my books and treasures, and at night, made sure I had batteries in my… flashlight. (Get your head out of the gutter!)

Midnight hours flew by and 2 a.m. would roll around within what seemed like minutes. Steamy romance novels filled my head with all sorts of allusion of what it would be like to be a sexy grown-up. That was then, and this is now. I find myself doing the same thing with Richard’s book only I have kids playing in the background. So I’m hiding so I can concentrate on reading! I’ve been under the comforter most nights, reading Richard Verry’s title, “The Taste of Honey” and calling out from under there saying “go ask Daddy” and returning promptly to my hot and steamy read.

I actually enjoyed Richard’s book very much, from beginning to end. His books were a bit of a stretch for my usual taste but I’m glad I delved in and had a read. Right now I’m finishing up “Broken Steele”.  Have YOU read Richard’s books yet?

LEAH HART is an author and expert marketer at CreativWriter.com

Read “The Taste of Honey” Before “Broken Steele”

If you want to read any of my books, be sure to start with “The Taste of Honey” first. Why?

“The Taste of Honey” is actually the first in a series of 3 books that have the characters of Honey, Mona and Renee. If you start reading “Broken Steele” before “The Taste of Honey” you’re going to miss out on all of the saucy details that the first book of the series offers.

Here’s what the reviews are saying about this series:

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So if you’re looking for some great reads this weekend, start with “The Taste of Honey” and then move on to “Broken Steele” and follow these lovely ladies in their adventures.

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