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Are you being hunted?

Is someone following you? Can you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end? Why did you you turn around, when there is no one behind you? Is the Consortium hunting you? Are you their perfect prey?

What if you were kidnapped off the streets of your home and sold to a monster at auction? Could you survive suffering an untold number of indignities and torment? What would you do if they took you?

What if the bastard that bought you was a part of a larger organization, hell bent on stealing people to satisfy their murderous desires. If they selected you as their perfect prey, what could you do?

I’ll tell you. There is nothing you can do except say goodbye to your old life. Would you look to escape? Would you like to return to your past life?

What if you learned that your capture is part of a worldwide organization dedicated to keeping you subjugated until they are finished with you and dispose of your body?

What if you did escape, would you ever be able to trust anyone, anywhere? How would you feel if you knew that anyone, even your friends, could be a part of this organization? Could you trust them not to orchestrate your recapture and send you back to your owner?

Avril figured out that there is no escape for her, at least in the ordinary sense. In making a deal with the devil, she bought her time to figure out another way.

Perfect Prey

Book 2 in the Consortium Series

Captured Perfect PreyPerfect Prey is the next chapter in Avril’s story, moving from expendable prey to applying for membership in this ancient global organization. Perfect Prey is the story is how she gets there, proving her worthiness by becoming a monster like them.

Can she do what is necessary to accomplish her goal? More importantly, will God forgive her sins for the greater good? Do her methods justify her means?

Perfect Prey tells the tale. Read it and discover what she must do to survive to another day. Could what happened to Avril and the rest of the perfect prey, happen to you? Count on it!

Suitable for all readers 18+

Are you being watched? Are you being followed? Are they hunting you?

What will you do after the Consortium takes you and sells you at auction? What happens after you are sold and transported across the world like cargo? Can you imagine your new life as owned property, with no hope of ever returning to your old life? To suffer and die at the whim of your owner.

After you read this novel, you will never, ever stop looking over your shoulder.

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Suitable for all readers 18+

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  • What did you like about the book?
  • What did you not like?
  • Do you agree with Avril’s plan to escape?
  • Does she have a reasonable chance of success?
  • What could she have done differently?
  • Do you think her ends justify the means?
  • Will God forgive her for the greater good?
  • If you could say something to Avril, what would you say?

Good or bad, I look forward to reading your comments and constructive critiques.

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