Broken Steele

Who Murdered Braxton Steele

buy now from amazon yellow small images Six months after the tragic abduction of Honey Lee-Marks, the community has settled down. Honey is entering her third trimester carrying the unborn heir to the Mark’s estate. The scars of the dishonor to the Mark’s estate are receding. Mona and Master Charles resumed their relationship and she takes great joy sharing time together.

Broken-Steele-Front-Cover-6x9-webMeanwhile, the body of the master of another estate, Braxton Steele, is found brutally tortured and murdered. Speculation runs wild with false accusations, suppositions and fear. It’s been centuries that anyone has been butchered. The Chairman of Club Lothario directs an investigation to find and bring the culprit to justice. Those efforts fail.

Mona Bendarova is called upon to take up the challenge. After weeks of dead ends and misdirection, she uncovers a thread of evidence pointing to the culprit. Evidence which leads to a conspiracy that threatens their community, their lifestyle and their entire species.

What she finds shakes the community to the core. Is anyone safe safe from the coming confrontation? Enlisting the aid of her Master, they develop a plan to counter the threat and return the community to peace before they are all cut to pieces.

What Readers Think!

Mr. Verry has done it again! The second book in the Mona Bendarova Adventures gives readers insight into Mona’s investigatory skills as well as her rise to power within her community. The story engages the reader from the beginning. It is helpful that the author reminds us of the focus of the first book, ‘The Taste of Honey’ and how it relates to this sequel. It’s easy reading and I continue to enjoy and discover Mona’s adventures. I’m sure you will too.
Janet Maggio

buy now from amazon yellow small imagesAppropriate for readers 18+

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