Mona Bendarova Stories

Mona's Stories DNAMona’s stories explore a dystopian future where humanity has barely escaped extinction. Long in the past, a devastating plague which came to be known as the ‘Purge Plague,’ nearly caused the annihilation of the human race. Scientists and corporate desires to increase profits, failed to take into account that nature has its own way of dealing with changes.


Modifications in the DNA of the food stock to increase yields was so commonplace that they forgot to test for consequences. Corporate greed and well minded scientists thought that what they did would benefit mankind and their bank accounts. They couldn’t be more wrong.

They lost control of these Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), releasing a wildfire of destruction attacking the genetic structures of most protein based life on Earth.


Within one hundred years, the devastation eradicated all animal life. Vegetable sources of protein suffered as well, dying off in thousands of species every year. Proteins needed to sustain life disappeared from the planet, along with all species dependent upon consuming those proteins.

Humans now lacked the critical consumable proteins necessary to maintain life. Where once there were seven billion people on the planet, only a few million survived. These last few were on the brink of obsolescence. Only by sheer luck and determination, scientists saved the human race from extinction. However, it came at a great expense to the survivors.

Jump ahead a thousand years, following the chaos and anarchy that ensued, the surviving community of humans eventually developed a culture whereby they could stave off extinction of the entire species. From the day one was born, men and women alike, each knew from where their next meal came from, and exactly what their eventual fate was.

Mona’s Stories

These are the stories that followed Mona and her community for years.

The Taste of HoneyThe Taste of Honey

Introduce yourself to Mona’s world, culture, and Mona’s first crack at lead investigator. Honey is missing, presumed a run-away and it’s Mona’s job to find her and bring her home. The problem? Her gut is telling me that there is more to this story than most people believe.  The more she works on the case, the more certain she is that Honey is in trouble.

Broken Steele book coverBroken Steele

Mona’s story picks up during the midpoint of ‘The Taste of Honey’ and after the mystery of Honey is solved. Honey is mid-way through her pregnancy and she and Mona have become fast friends. Unanswered questions are explored while new ones are revealed. Some are answered while others are not.

Lucky Bitch

Mona’s story continues as she takes ownership of her own estate. For the first time in centuries, a woman controls everything and everyone within an estate. She is the Mistress of the estate, responsible for their well-being. The responsibility of ownership and support of her new estate is overwhelming and threatens to crush her spirit. How is she to meet the needs of her household and those that they depend upon?

Confused and scared, acts of terrorism upset the community. No one appears to be safe from the terrifying unknown. Looking over their shoulders, wondering what is going to happen next and who is going to disappear, Mona’s vassals cower while putting on a good front. Early on, Mona discovers an underground conspiracy, one that scares her deeply and to her core. Seeking the help of her closest trusted friends and family, she embarks upon a path that will lead her away from the only family she has ever known, to establish her own household, alone and left out in the cold. You will cheer and mourn along with Mona as she and her closest circle of friends come under siege.

I look forward to bringing you this next chapter in Mona’s saga. It’s going to be wild.

Discover the similarities between women in Mona’s time to what women in our age are forced to deal with. Follow her story as she confronts sexism, terrorism, and even murder. Explore Mona’s story as she winds her way through the obstacles placed in her path. You will ask yourself, ‘Is Mona firm enough to resolve the ordeals she faces, or will she fail and submit to conversion?’

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