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The Taste of Honey

The Taste of Honey

A missing woman. The woman charged to find her. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world, unlike the one we take for granted. 

If you like dystopian stories, suspense mysteries, and complex characters, you’ll love this page turning provocative thriller. Tap the link to read the book today!



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Intriguing and Well Written Story!
Not my usual cup of tea, so this book was something of a departure for me. An interesting blend of raciness and fantasy, which fans of either should enjoy. ~Jack Sullivan
Five Stars!
Enjoyed getting to know the characters and this future world. Looking forward to Mona's future adventures. ~Miss TC
Engaging Story!
This book engages you right from the opening paragraph. I liked the emotions depicted in this book and I found that the author doesn't have to state them for the reader to capture those feelings. I really was intrigued how the author depicted the characters. He was very descriptive and the reader could easily get to know them and even identify with their actions. After reading this book, it made me thirsty for more. ~Janet M
Thought Provoking!
I've finished reading it again today. What a thought-provoking book!! I will not give the ending away. Do read it for yourself. I can promise you that you won't be disappointed. ~LaFetishiste
Great book.
Everyone should read this. ~pegelee
What a delicious read!
Indeed exciting! I just finished your "Taste of Honey". What a delicious read! ~Qurious  
I'm hiding so I can concentrate on reading!
Steamy romance novels filled my head with all sorts of allusion of what it would be like to be a sexy grown-up. That was then, and this is now. I find myself doing the same thing with Richard's book, only I have kids playing in the background. So I'm hiding so I can concentrate on reading! I've been under the comforter most nights, reading Richard Verry's title, "The Taste of Honey" and calling out from under there saying "go ask Daddy" and returning promptly to my hot and steamy read. I actually enjoyed Richard's book very much, from beginning to end. His books were a bit of a stretch for my usual taste but I'm glad I delved in and had a read. Right now I'm finishing up "Broken Steele".  Have YOU read Richard's books yet? ~Leah Hart
Four Stars
good ~David E. Hawkins
Another Stephen King in the making?
Richard Verry is an excellent writer. Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. I don't typically read sci-fi but this author keeps you reading from one steamy chapter to the next. I like reading a book where I can follow the storyline easily and this is one of those books. Perhaps another Stephen King in the making? ~Reenie K
At first I wasn't sure if I could continue to finish this book. It seemed so barbaric. Some parts left me speechless and others were soft and tender. However, by the end I was crying. But, was it or me and how sad I felt, or for Honey in her greatest accomplishment? ~GS
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