Mona’s Birth

Mona's Societies DNA

Mona’s Birth

Mona & Honey Come to Life

In 2012, I began working on an idea for a full-fledged book. I never thought to publish it. They say, ‘write what you know.’ That was the biggest challenge. I asked myself. What to write? I knew I wanted to write something I could turn into a novel, with an interesting topic which no one had yet done. For years, I thrashed, developing concepts and tossing them all.

Then I stumbled upon an idea and wrote notes and concept drafts. As I thought about the storyline, I wrote an encyclopedia of the world I was creating so that when the time came; I had reference to keep the story real.

That story-line turned into ‘The Taste of Honey.’

Within two years, with only a title of the novel, I began writing what turned out to be a dozen different drafts. With each draft, the story became more and more refined. At the beginning of 2015, I wrote the final version. As the book progressed, I would awaken in the middle of the night, dialogue running rampant in my semi-conscious mind. I had a choice. I could either roll over, go back to sleep and lose the perfect dialogue or get up and write until I got it all down. What was I to do? I got up and wrote it all down. This happened repeatedly for months. To this day, I still wake up in the middle of the night, full of ideas and dialogue running inside my head.


By early 2015, determined to finish the book, I wrote and edited. By June, I finally published the novel. While being edited, I learned how to format the manuscript suitable for eBooks and paperbacks. I also learned how and created the book cover and did all the other things necessary for publication.

My editors and other friends who read preview copies insisted that I publish the book and then write a sequel. Which became ‘Broken Steele.’ The third book is under development. ‘Lucky Bitch’  takes Mona off into a new direction. She’s ripped from the only family she has ever known, her life filled with uncertainty.

Her story won’t stop with ‘Lucky Bitch.’ I have at least two more books planned in the series.

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey.’


Mona’s Future

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While working on the series, questions arose how and where to take Mona in her adventures. I need to decide on Mona’s status and the final conflict or obstacle she needs to overcome. I need to decide on the finalé of the series, though that is several books from now.

‘Lucky Bitch’ picks up the action about three months after ‘Broken Steele.’ Honey is on the brink of delivering her male offspring for her Master. In defining Mona’s community, I decided that the birthing of male children is rare. Male mortality rates are over 90%. Therefore, there are roughly 66 males for every million females. Staggering, isn’t it? To ensure the survival of her offspring, Honey is under constant observation by her doctor to ensure the survival of the ‘Little Master.’

Her Story Continues

Lucky Bitch, Book 3 is out. Read it today!

Angry Bitch, Book 4 is in editing and scheduled to come out 1st quarter, 2020. Look for it.

New Threats

Still, threats are surfacing. After solving the mysterious death of a master of another estate, new worries surface, and new threats surface. Mona becomes a Master, or in her case, Mistress of her own estate. She has to learn to think like a head-of-household rather than one of the household memberships. Mona is the boss. She is the Mistress of the House, and her decisions mean the life and death of her household. She must learn to make the hard choices or die in obscurity.

Either way, Mona will grow as a person and will force her community to grow and change. That is the challenge. Either accept this new vision or rebel against it and fight to keep the status quo. What happens next and who takes which position is still unknown.

It will be fun figuring it out. Your storyline comments and suggestions are welcome.

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey.’


Honey’s Future

‘The Taste of Honey’ documents exactly what becomes of Honey. However, she has a lot of living to do before and, if you believe Honey, even afterward. Honey believes in the power of life and life after death. She believes nature can reinvent itself. She is a rare spiritualistic woman in her community. If she follows certain rituals, she believes she will live on after death. It’s a kind of reincarnation yet, different.

Reading ‘Broken Steele,’ you will find out that Honey and Mona become best friends. Heartbroken over Honey’s vision of her future, Mona tries hard to turn Honey from the path she must follow. It’s why Honey must follow her path that upsets Mona. Despite all her council, Honey is determined to proceed. Under the belief that her path will help Mona and her community, Honey must follow her destiny if they are to survive the challenges that lie ahead.

Shaking her head, Mona can only accept Honey’s decision and trust in her convictions.

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey.’



Throughout the months in which I wrote the first book, I struggled with how others perceived it. I knew the story-line was controversial and provocative and to some, disturbing. It concerned me that people would think me a monster and a misogynist. I’m not. I love women. I can’t live without them in my life. In my mind, the universe I’ve created has women the dominant force in society and ultimately all the power. They have my respect.

I presume others may not see it that way. However, I contend that if you stick with the stories, you’ll see it develop over the entire series, and I predict you will agree.

Are there issues to be dealt with? Yes
Are women thought of as property and disposable? Certainly
Is there a change in the wind? Absolutely
Is a storm brewing? Without a doubt

Attitudes are changing. The number of women overwhelms men entirely. Centuries of complacency are slowly destroying the human species. Stagnated growth over decades is slowly unwinding the fabric of society. Fewer and fewer people are being born each year. Extinction of the species looms once again while a few seem to realize the danger.

As Mona, the central character in the stories grows and changes, so does the attitudes of the entire community. Is there resistance? Sure, a good story needs conflict. But there is also love, honor, and respect. Most of my characters respect one another. Those that don’t, they will get theirs.

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey.’