Club Lothario

Club Lothario

Club Lothario

Owned and Operated by Richard Verry

Congratulations, you have found Club Lothario where you can learn all about the stories and ramblings of Richard Verry – Writer, Author & Artist. Typically, you can find him in his office working on his next project, writing his stories over a cup of coffee or a glass of his favorite spirits.

Why Club Lothario?

The club is the primary gathering place in my Mona Bendarova stories. Introduced in ‘The Taste of Honey’ and known as only as “The Club”, ‘Broken Steele,’ revealed its name. It serves as a place to relax, do business, and host the monthly community parties. The Club Director owns the estate it lives on, and serves as the political center of the community.

Club Lothario

People from all over the community come here to socialize, get away from day-to-day politics and obligations. It’s a place to unwind, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company in the arms of the opposite sex. I hope that you too will come to Club Lothario.

Contained with the reading lounge of the Club is Richard’s library of works, just waiting for you to pull a copy off the shelves and read. Many include a free sample first chapter or two to tease your senses and perhaps, shock your wits. One thing he strives to produce are works that will cause you to wonder if what happens in his stories could happen to you.

Find out more by reading Book One in the series, ‘The Taste of Honey.’


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Club Lothario is the central community gathering place to share stories and ideas over a glass of your favorite cocktail, wine, or spirits. Richard will sit back in his favorite leather chair, a drink by his side, and read his favorite dramas, mysteries, suspense, and science fiction stories. But you know what? Any fictional idea is okay too.maggicalExpressionsHanging on the walls, you might see a painting or two of his favorite works. To see more of them, visit his art gallery at maggicalExpressions.

He took a long time to come up with an original idea to plan into a series of stories. One thing he promises, anything you share on his site will not get incorporated into any of his stories without your express written permission. So, fire away.

For those interested in creative writing, this is the place. If you have an idea, go ahead, share it. Just fill out the form below. If you wish to keep it private, well, that’s okay too. He understands.