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Lucky Bitch

Lucky Bitch

Born and bred as a submissive to serve her Master, Mona found herself the Mistress of a house she never wanted. It’s a role she is ill-prepared.

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Lost and alone, she struggles to support and feed the multitude within her house.

Mona struggles to rise above the prejudice and anger prevalent around her. The attacks are unrelenting, and she’s feeling the pressure. Is Mona strong enough to protect her stable? Can she fulfill her destiny?

Can Mona reverse the decline of humanity racing towards extinction?



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Here is another intriguing book in this series. Something different is it flashed back to Honey, who is a big part of who Mona is. The bond of their friendship and what they do to survive. Other characters are developing and showing their true allegiance to Mona. The ones that don't, Mona shows no mercy. The authors descriptions of events seem so very realistic. There are moments when you want to stop reading, but have no choice but to continue on because you want more. Mona proves she is stronger than what she and others believed. Now to wait and see how Mona handles the future happenings. Only the author knows what is in store for Mona and the rest of her Society. Any hints? ~GS on Lucky Bitch