Broken Steele

Broken Steele

Broken Steele

A vicious murder. A community frightened. They assign lead investigator Mona to look into it. What she finds scares her even more than a simple murder, if there is such a thing.

Reading this story, you will be shocked, amazed, and disturbed by the growing conspiracy revealed in this follow-up book. Tap the link to read the book today!

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Already finished the second book in a day. When is the third coming out? Looking forward to learning more about some very interesting characters!

~Miss TC


Mr. Verry has done it again! The second book in the Mona Bendarova Adventures gives readers insight into Mona’s investigatory skills as well as her rise to power within her community. The story engages the reader from the beginning. It is helpful that the author reminds us of the focus of the first book, ‘The Taste of Honey’ and how it relates to this sequel. It’s easy reading and I continue to enjoy and discover Mona’s adventures. I’m sure you will too.

~Janet M

I’m hiding so I can concentrate on reading!

Steamy romance novels filled my head with all sorts of allusion of what it would be like to be a sexy grown-up. That was then, and this is now. I find myself doing the same thing with Richard’s book, only I have kids playing in the background.

So I’m hiding so I can concentrate on reading! I’ve been under the comforter most nights, reading Richard Verry’s title, “The Taste of Honey” and calling out from under there saying “go ask Daddy” and returning promptly to my hot and steamy read.

I actually enjoyed Richard’s book very much, from beginning to end. His books were a bit of a stretch for my usual taste but I’m glad I delved in and had a read. Right now I’m finishing up “Broken Steele”.  Have YOU read Richard’s books yet?

~Leah Hart


~David E. Hawkins