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In the fourth installment in her story, Mona comes into her own, as a Mistress of a House, and a peer within the Community dominated by males. Not everyone is happy with a bitch as their equal.

Desire — Betrayal — Anger

Angry BitchAs Mistress of House Alveolus, Mona is finally in charge of her life. Bred as a submissive to serve others, she’s now the top authority of her house where the buck stops with her.

She is the bitch in charge.

Being a Dominant is a role she must learn and understand. It’s slow going, but she’s making progress.

The caring, feeding, and housing her stable of hundreds of dependents is her priority. Feeling good about herself, she has gotten the hang of it. She no longer feels bewildered and alone. She’s the bitch in charge.

Others in her Community believe otherwise. Mona, like all bitches, was bred to serve and feed the Community. They don’t master a house, ever. It’s an insult to their society. 

Their determination to oust her by any means, including violence, is an acceptable means to an end. 

Whatever they do, however they attack her, they only make her angry. 

Can she save herself?
Can she protect her stable?
Can she do her part to reverse humanity’s race towards extinction?



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Angry Bitch 3D book coverThis latest book of Mr. Verry in the “Mona” series is fabulous. I loved, loved, loved it. From the first to the last sentence it had my complete attention. You get so involved with each character and their part in the story. It’s hard to picture their way of life and how they think of themselves. It is exciting, descriptive in ways that make you shudder. You might stop reading, and think “I’m done, this is not my cup to tea, lol.” And then you come back for more. You can not help it. And more is what we want and need of this story. Mona’s story is becoming more than just about her day to day life. There is history of how her lifestyle came to be and now a glimpse of what it can become. But will it? Much has to change and that takes time and the desire. Mona has the desire. The question is, does she have the time before others take over? Can she survive the attacks made on her and her House? Time will tell. ~GS on Angry Bitch