Her Client Trilogy

Her Client

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Cliente de Amazon on ‘Her Essentia’


As dark as it was, it was trilling, the one thing that I love was the twist of her destiny.


I have now read the trilogy and could not put them down. Jol really went through HELL and I was rooting for her all the way. I would like her to go back to work, get some doctors care and continue where she left off.



This book definitely is not for everyone. It really kept my interest though in fact I could not put it down. I am looking forward to books 2 and 3 I just purchased.



Great, but you will have to read the follow up book.

~Verified Amazon Customer


Dagmar on ‘Her Client’

I finished the book last night. I liked it. Now I have to read the next one. I liked how, it went from her thoughts and then his thoughts. A lot of slapping, lol.


I hate to keep saying this but … this series is off the hook. It also receives 5 stars like the last one. I read it in one day and I’m onto book #3.


This book was absolutely the right book to read if you want everything unimaginable to happen to a character. Had to buy part two this morning. I do not normally give a book 5 stars but, let me tell you … this book hit all the right places in my mindset of erotica.

Noemi on ‘Her Client’

The book deals with human trafficking, so the sex takes place in a situation that leads to human trafficking. Not what I am into but If that is what you may like to read then you may enjoy it more.

Amazon Customer on ‘Her Overseer’
Very intense not for everyone but was a good trilogy, and I enjoyed it very much

very intense story line… was such a page turner, just had to read books 2 and 3 of the trilogy… very intense not for everyone but was a good trilogy and I enjoyed it very much..highly recommend….
Thanks Richard Verry.


I LOVED THIS EBOOK! It held my attention from the first words to the last words!

The story had everything to keep your focus on finishing it! IF you do not have a weak stomach, and you can deal with sexual torture, then quickly buy this book.

First read books 1 & 2. I thought the first book was unbelievable, but book 2 was even better, and then book 3 was the best yet!

Way to go Richard Verry! I hope you continue the storyline with book 4!!!!

~Amazon Customer


Very dark, but satisfying book ever… best revenge.


Garden Shears Ha Ha Ha



Amazon Customer on ‘Her Essentia’

The trilogy was awesome and hooray for the woman in the story.

The trilogy was awesome and hooray for the woman in the story…. She really suffered, but she came out on top at the end… and I’d like to see more of our heroine in future books…. That would be so awesome, women fighting the injustice of human trafficking….

Thanks Richard Verry for an insight of the awful lives that girls and women go thru as sex slaves.