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Mr. Verry’s writing seems to capture the subject of the Sex Trafficking trade and how this “Trade” is very likely to happen and keep hidden for years and years. He focuses on a few select characters in his book and tells their story.

I have finished “Undercurrents” and enjoyed every word! I would rate it 5 stars. Naturally it keeps your interest. Avril’s story is very interesting and in the last couple of chapters I get the sense that she is beginning to enjoy being with “Sir” and likes participating in the torture. She has been with him for a few years now is “trying to make the best of it” as she has said, but I can’t help but wonder if she is resigning herself to her fate. Don’t know if I want her to be a member of the Consortium or not!

I love wondering about the different ways this story can go – I’m looking so forward to seeing where Heather and her father will end up. And what a surprise with Shelby! Katie’s story can also go down so many different roads.

Please keep your readers abreast of the next book; you left so many hints in Undercurrents as to what can happen in the future of The Consortium, Avril, Katie, Heather, etc. Looking forward to more from you. I think of all different avenues you can go to – can’t wait!!

Love your writing, Mr. Verry and wish you great success in future projects!



I loved the book. My initial thought was to read slowly so I could make the book last longer. However, once I started it was hard to put the book down. After reading the other 2 books, this continued to take the reader deeper into the characters’ lives, thoughts and feelings. I found myself sympathizing less with some characters than I had before. But being greedy, wanting more and more from them. It’s interesting to see how far each character will go to survive the lifestyle they are put in.

After finishing the book, I stopped to think….. Could this really happen? Has it already happened? Is there a remote possibility that an organization such as this could exist? Do people really do things to excite their own pleasure at the expense of others? I think the answer is a definite YES.

The writer has a way of letting you become, fear or desire each of the characters, or at least the ones you favor. Looking forward to book #4.



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The author, Richard Verry, tells a spectacular story but his cliffhangers are more torture for the reader. Is there a plan for a fourth book?

I don’t want to be a spoiler so I’ll just say, there are too many loose ends which need to be tied up for the story to conclude. The conclusion doesn’t have to be an HEA, which I suspect would and could not happen. Just need answers to finish the story and character’s lines.

So what happens to the Consortium and their prey?

Reply from the author

I’m happy you think I tell a spectacular story. Avril’s story is not over, she has a lot more to do, suffering along the way. Her determination to do something about the Consortium remains undaunted. Book 4 is in the works, and I have a plan for at least another book or two after that. 


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Can’t wait for book 4 to come out. Book 1,2,and 3 was excellent.