The Trafficking Consortium



A stunning woman.

A secret cabal of torture.

Can she submit long enough to escape?

The Trafficking Consortium

In ‘The Trafficking Consortium,’ Avril Gillios keeps herself in top physical condition. So much the better for the casual flings where she submits herself to a man’s control. But her marathon running and clean eating has made her sought after in a different circle: a thousand-year-old sex trafficking organization. Little does she know she’s about to be purchased.

As the head of the powerful Consortium, Sir exudes power, confidence, and male charm. When he purchases Avril for his own secret pleasures, he shivers at the thought of orchestrating her delicious screams.

Handcuffed to Sir’s dark desires, Avril’s only chance for survival depends on thoroughly pleasing her intrigued master. As the man’s twisted pleasures expand, can Avril endure long enough to outwit the sadistic punisher or will her tight tether be the last thing she sees?

‘The Trafficking Consortium’ is the first book in a dark human trafficking series suitable for ages 18 and over. If you like disturbing details, charming villains, and desperate heroes, you’ll love Richard Verry’s tie-you-in-knots thriller.

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The Trafficking Consortium
289 pages – available in print and eBook – ISBN 978-1548200657

During your annual physical, a under-paid receptionist forwards your chart to an international human trafficking ring. A clear violation of the HIPAA Laws, but who cares? Money is a great incentive.

Consider what happens after they take you, ship you off, and sell you at auction? Can you imagine your new life? Can you imagine a life as owned property?

Avril Gillios doesn’t have to imagine it; she has to live it. The question is, can she survive it?

Follow Avril as she navigates a perilous journey designed to kill her excruciatingly. Can she figure out a way to escape and survive? Or, will she succumb to the terrifying ordeals no human, man or woman, should have to endure?



Once you start to read this overpowering book, you can’t put it down. It’s debatable if it is out of curiosity of what is going to happen next, or fear of what will happen. Thinking that this could really be going on in real life is frightening.

Avril’s strength leads her through an unbelievable journey of horrific events. Sir is a cruel sadist, calculating, brutal and very charming. It is a hard read at several times, but I loved every word of it. A sequel is definitely needed.


The Trafficking Consortium

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The Trafficking Consortium

Consortium Book 1

After you read this novel, you will forever worry for you and your loved ones. Could it happen to you? You bet!

Be careful with whom you share your personal information, you may not like what they do with it.

Available now at Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle Reader.

Suitable for all readers 18+

about the book

The Trafficking Consortium‘The Trafficking Consortium’ is book 1 in the Consortium series. With its many twists and turns, fellow readers have reported trouble figuring out how it will end. Based on the question, “What could happen if your personal information is sold to an unscrupulous organization,” it is a fictional account of what happened to Avril when they took her and sold her at auction to the highest bidder. The frightening thing is that what happened to Avril could actually happen to anyone — even you.

about the author

Richard Verry is a creative soul, continually looking forward to the next challenge. He earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Application Management and Software Development. He excels in his career of choice, but his real passion is creative fine arts, be it drawing, painting or writing. An open-minded individual filled with a myriad of imagery, he turns a select few into artistic compositions or complex stories with twists and turns. He’s not interested in writing what everyone is writing. His passion is creating the new and unique stories that play with your emotions.

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