Who is Sir?

Sir hmmm, who is Sir? How can such an easy question be so challenging to answer?

Sir is a man with particular and peculiar interests. A driven, intelligent personality, he expects and gets what he wants. He doesn’t give a damn about what others think or do. All he cares about is what they can do for him.

Sir is a European with continental tastes and views of the world. He comes from money and a long line of ancestors. Given his background, he believes he is above the law and the master of his destiny. He is beholden to no one. He’s worldly, speaking seven or more languages. He stays in touch by regularly reading newspapers from around the world. He has little use for fiction. Instead, current events interest him, adding to his historical knowledge of world politics and human behaviors.

scotch on the rocksHis drink of choice is a smooth, single malt scotch, usually on the rocks, but he doesn’t overdo it. He enjoys his steaks rare, choosing a thick-cut filet mignon often, dressed in sauteed onions and garlic, grilled asparagus, and no potato.

He’s a lonely man. Outside of his compatriots at the Consortium. Other than his sister, he has no friends or family. Those he surrounds himself are mere acquaintances, and he hides his true nature from most of them. He hates hiding his inner, true self, so unless they have something to offer him, he has little to do with them. His membership in the Consortium encapsulates his entire world.


A martinet, he stresses rigid adherence to his rules and methods and is quick to discipline strictly those that break or ignore his rules. He applies his values to others, whether or not they are friends. He abides by the values of his small circle surrounding him with respect, but for all others, it’s his way or suffer the consequences.

He operates behind the scenes in a hidden world that outsiders never see and above the law. He and the organization he oversees infiltrated every government, agency, and institution across the globe. Those that they can’t control, they pay off. Those that they cannot pay off, they eliminate forever.

Outsiders who don’t know him well can mistake him for a misogynist. They might think he hates women. They would be wrong. He loves women, so much so, he must have many at this disposal. The problem for them is that his needs require him to abuse and dispose of them frequently. They supply something that other men cannot. They satisfy his sadistic nature, giving him the screams and anguish he needs to remain happy.

Early Life

Sir grew up inside the umbrella of the Consortium. As members, his parents introduced him to the activities of the Consortium about the time he started puberty. Starting slow, they gradually schooled him in the value of prey, submitting to his whims and desires.

At fifteen, his parents purchased him his first victim, a woman five years older than he was. Over the subsequent months, they taught him beginner skills of inflicting pain and anguish. She was a screamer and taught him how much he enjoyed extracting her vocal expressions of pain and anguish. To this day, he is still trying to find the perfect girl to give him the same level of satisfaction as his first victim.

On his sixteenth birthday, he made his first kill. Binding the girl to a post, he beat and whipped her. She begged for mercy as she screamed in agony. He tormented her for days, his creative mind thinking up more ways of inflicting pain. Every time she went quiet, he’d think about what to do next, as a new idea surfaced in his mind. When she came around, she’d find him ready and waiting to resume his torture. She gave him everything she had until she eventually gave him her life. When he finally killed her, the moment flooded his soul, instilling a powerful sense of brutal control he felt missing until then.


When his parents died, as their only son and firstborn, their estate and holdings transferred to him. That is everything except membership in the Consortium. Assuming automatic entry into the Consortium, they surprised him by denying his request.

Being on the outside of the Consortium left him anxious and nervous. He wanted to continue exploring the darker side of his passions, and without the protection of the Consortium, he was vulnerable. He knew he had a lot to learn. He was determined to find his true self. Instinct told him it exposed him to authorities and the Consortium if he remained on the outside. Eager to continue indulging in his passions, he made it his priority to achieve membership in the Consortium.

Unknown to Sir, his parents made it easy for him and his sister to get accepted into the membership once they came of age. His initial application was summarily approved when he reached the age of twenty-one, and he paid the required membership application fee. He gladly paid it for both of them. He was home.

His sister joined a year later, and together, they formed a bond to indulge in their passions. Nicknamed Raven for her long, jet-black hair, he watched over her even as he enjoyed his passions. While he enjoyed extracting the screams of his victims, his sister was just as brutal, preferring to cook her prey alive and serve their roasted flesh for dinner. Over the years, she perfected their demise through trial and experimentation, determined to keep her victims alive for as long as possible while they baked in an oven or spit-roasted on a rotisserie grill. Sir didn’t particularly care for his sister’s culinary tastes, but he indulged her when she invited him for dinner.


As the years passed, Sir experimented and learned. Sometimes his dark investigations satisfied him while others failed him. In his thirties, both his parents passed on, and he became the Master of the estate and their fortune. He embraced the control of his destiny and took his membership in the Consortium to a whole new level. By this time, he earned a reputation as someone who could advance the agenda of the Consortium. In control of his future, proving his ruthless worthiness, the membership elected to the life position as Chairman when his predecessor unexpectedly passed away.

Suspicion about the circumstances of his ascension vaporized when Sir instituted new ways to expand the securing of exotic prey in quantity while staying hidden from the world. Within a few short years, to feed the desires of the membership, acquisition of prey grew from a few hundred annually to thousands a year.

The membership suddenly found a seemingly endless supply of prey to apply their dark passions. Any suspicions the members may have had burned away like fog in the morning sun. Sir place secure in his chairmanship.

As Chairman, Sir relishes his position of power and control. So long as he abides by the policies of the Consortium, his word is law. He gets to choose those who get taken, at times selecting his prey he wants for himself before making them available to the general membership. In his role as Chairman, he is exempt from the need to buy his victims at auction. He could select any of the captured prey for himself. He doesn’t as he enjoys engaging in the fun of bidding for prey at auction. A natural-born hunter, the possibility of losing the desired object of his sadism heated his blood and tickled his fancy.

Driving forces

Where he is really happiest is not running the Consortium. Instead, it’s spending personal time in his dungeon with the latest of his acquisitions. Expressing his sadism gives him his own satisfaction unequaled anywhere else.

He relishes the smell of fresh, iron-rich blood, the sight of a worn-out victim sagging from her bindings, suffering considerably before dying from her wounds. He needed the outlet to express his sadism.

His victims of choice are not masochists. He prefers strong, capable women who fight-back, overcoming adversity with strength and endurance. Their intensity allows them to endure his punishment long into the dark night until there was nothing more they can give.
Of late, he finds time in the dungeon less and less satisfying. The more he tries to recover the thrills of his first kill, the more his victims leave him unsatisfied. Searching for a resolution that seems to elude him, for the first time in his life, his future is cloudy and uncertain.

One day, a particular redhead caught his attention. Ensuring her acquisition at auction at all costs, he did something different with this one. He suspected that beneath the surface of this one, he would find an answer to his uneasiness. The wiseness of his decision to discover the answer to his question remains.

What will become of Sir and his menagerie? That’s anyone’s guess. If a certain redhead gets her wish, the Consortium will fall, saving future generations from suffering under their hands.
Can she pull it off? Can she shift the tide of hundreds of years of brutality and slaughter in the satisfaction of one’s carnal desires? Does she have what it takes to violate Sir’s trust and destroy him?

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